Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : Pictures

   Hmm... I didn't expect elevator scene will have such impact on SBS website. Also the clothes change. But maybe what's normal for me, wait... maybe it wasn't just clothes changing? I need to rewatch it. Perhaps it had something in common with their personalities and f*cked up childhood? I mean, they both were really hurt in the past, they both shared the same name, now they both share the same downfall. Changing clothes may mean changing the fate, or at least an attempt of doing so. If it was so irrelevant, it wouldn't be shown in such way. In a way they are the same person, but divided in two. The one is light, the other is dark, the one's the only desire is to be loved, the other's to be loved by no one. But as for now, I can't really say who is the bad guy in it. Of course, the obvious answer would be Gun Wook, because of his scheming and coldness, but be honest, he's not the only one. Maybe this drama should be called Nappeun Saram instead? A Bad Person, because, as I see it, there is only one who will be hurt in the end, because she's innocent. Everyone in this drama has one's own dark secrets and desires. People are just afraid of it, they are afraid of their own thoughts, of their own bad side. And sometimes someone like Gun Wook steps in and without any hesitation can strip bare from all the veils of morality, habits, restrictions. He turned the lives of those people upside down. He messed up with their world. Sometimes this kind of earthquake is good. This is how I see him.
Pictures from SBS: