Friday, July 16, 2010

Kim Nam Gil: first videos from July 15

Dorky? Yeah, girls, you're right, a bit dorky. But he has some bespectacled pics that are everything but dorky. Maybe because I myself wear glasses I find men wearing them attractive? Now all I am left is waiting, few movies and handul of dramas. Maybe he will be involved in some projects like Joo Ji Hoon^^. That would be great. I will reaport any news that appears on the surface. But as I may say about Him, a low profile will be kept.
I mean, what's left apart waiting? I wonder how many Bidam-oriented fans will remain after that time. I should write something on QSD, I know, but Bidam puzzles me. I'm watching it now for the 4th time, this time to brace everything around him. Because the first time, when drama aired last year, I was in shock. When first subs came out, I was still in shock. Third time I watched with my heart full of love. Now I'm watching paying my attention to details.
I just... I mean... Nevermind. Love his every shape and incarnation.
Watch the TV Entertainment cut here. As always, he was joking even at this moment, hehe.
What's left.
View here, tomorrow I will provide the download link, but as for now, the whole episode in better quality is on D-Addicts: