Thursday, July 22, 2010

김남길: 내마음...

  Just when you all thought it's all over, hahaha!!! Nope, I have some  incredible perseverance and stubborness. I will go undercover if the case demands it. But I will be reporting news. Like: what mud we crawled through today. And no, no break from magical KNG here.
But you know, JJY is not in the military, and he's making his new movie G-Love, hehe, so expect some flood of nonsense from my side about it, just like it was with Iggi (Moss, sorry ladies for the mess, heh).
This is what I read:
2012년 7월 14일까지!
That makes exactly 2 years...
Original here 

And Peggy spotted better pic:
Thank you^^