Thursday, July 29, 2010

김남길: '가을남자'

  Before his leave (when did he have time for this??), he did few photoshoots. One is for The Class line (he modeled for it some time ago, but he was so pretty in it I couldn't stand it), one is for a jewelry line. But, my dear, didn't I say that you have absolutely no idea what jewelry XY chromosomes should wear? Just look at Keunsuk, he/she can put you to shame with one bling of an eye (a diamond eye that is)! Ahahaha!!!
Ok, enough of mocking poor baby idiot.
Pictures are just... if I write "yummy" I will be an idiot.
No, they are with taste, classic, good clothes on a good man.
The collection was called '가을남자', Autumn Guy, I guess they were mocking Bad Guy.