Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Love Movies, Movie World cuts

Cuts from new episodes aired this weekend. On I Love Movies there was a quite long interview with Won Bin about his upcoming movie Ajusshi, also he was asked about the movie Mother. He's nice, but what was that called, I think, jacket on him?? And yes, a video made for KNG as well. Because it's my whim today. Finally after 6 months of waiting, someone felt probably pity over my IP and decided to seed World And I from Jan. 29, so I will make a special post for it. To be honest, I really want to see Ajusshi, not because of Won Bin's good acting in Mother, but also about the story. I don't like kids, but the girl seems to be pretty good as for such small actress. Plus, a gun, a nice, half-naked guy, a chasing scene... damn, a perfect movie for me.
First, KNG video:
Download link: KNG, credits: Red Lipstick

Now, Won Bin interview:

If you wasn't sure whether to watch Welcome to Dongmakgol or not... ah well, I'm not talking with you if you haven't!
This is long and big, and I don't think anyone is interested in download link. They put together 2 movies: Good Doctor (with Eita, Japanese movie), and Welcome to.... Don't be surprised then. But worth watching.