Monday, July 05, 2010

Music Video

I have always liked music videos. That is why I was such a sucker for some clips back in my.. erm... younger days. I never had any cable TV, no computer but I had two, maybe three music shows on TV (2 movie shows as well), so I watched it every time. I could fake illness just to stay home and watch it. Maybe it's because I like stories and movies I developed some liking for film-like MV. I like when it has a storyline. I like when professional actors appear in it. It's really hard in Europe, because actors think they are gift from gods and MV is below their  semi-divine nature. Bullsh*t, my dear Artists, you're just self-absorbed egoists with your egos bigger than our Galaxy. (Meanwhile... in the Galaxy far away, Palpatine still looks wrinkled bad, and Luke still is this retared farmboy...)
That is why discovering Korean entertainment came like heavensent. 
First: they are not afraid to experiment. Second: they have actors who appear in MV and turn it into the masterpiece. Peggy from DA pointed me to some video that was even released on DVD, it's almost 30 minutes long, it's practically a short movie itself. There are shorts shorter than this.
Do I have some fears about hmm... short things?? Nah...
So, first thing, the video from Peggy:

Then Lee Soo Young. I wrote some time before on her. She's really talended, slightly underrated singer. But she has really nice voice, beautiful lyrics, and few stars in her MV.
Jeong Jae Young (yes, I couldn't help it, plus, who's better than him can play a slightly retarded but happy fella?). Actually the video he stars in has 2 versions, the same song, but two complementary versions of the same story. The first one is even on my side panel, just in case I'm here and want to watch, or don't want to look it up on youtube.

Tears Glass
Part 1:
Part 2:

And 2 parts, different songs, with Shin Ha Kyun (bring your tissues)

I believe:

Left Alone
Part 1:
Part 2:

Afgan - My Confession (with KNG):

Vierra - Perih (with KNG):

Kiss - Because I'm a Girl:

Big Bang - Haru Haru:

Big Bang - Lies:

Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye:

It's just the top of an iceberg...