Friday, July 30, 2010

Kim Nam Gil: last pics before being abducted...

Hehe. I can't sleep tonight (Travis' song just started in my head, eh...), so I went to one news website, and here we go. The continuation of his latest pics before military claimed him as hers. I don't know why I imagine Army as a Lady. It's because of Mishil, I guess, heh. No, I think it was long before it. Always like a woman. Perhaps it was because Justice, Prudence and Avarice were portrayed always like women?
On the other hand why as women? Damned mysogyns from the yore!

 May I quote you, Arakira?
"He's a guy you couldn't even go *kyaa* about if you wanted to cause he makes you loose your voice and takes away your breath. When I first laid eyes on him i couldn't imagine myself sitting in front of the screen, staring at his pictures for long minutes, incapable to even form a proper thought (...)"
source: D-Addicts - KNG thread
Because you could think only me and maybe Peggy think of him as some kind of divine being.
But how can we think otherwise when he is?


And truth hidden behind the jewelry photoshoot: