Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bad Guy: 나쁜 남자 : new pictures. Again.

 It's because although I'm not convinced to this drama, I'm very convinced to the main leads. I really do hope this will have some change. Some, I don't know, ... change. I need to re-watch all the episodes once more and then I will write some more on it. Because right now, apart from acting, I can't really tell.
See? Even Gun Wook is sceptical about it? 
KNG said that originally, they wanted to make the drama movie-like, but they had no time for editing it. If the drama started in August, it probably be put into practice, even if they shot all episodes long before this date. But, SBS played everybody around, including actors and director (not to mention us, pissed off viewers, and devoted... ekhem... you know), so we got a whirlpool of inconsistent news.
And now they are forcing everyone to push off their own limits, good, kill your players, if the only aim is not a good drama and good shape of your actors, but a profit.
SBS... damn. No wonder I had such a good time watching Handphone. The protagonist was working at SBS, and I couldn't pity him in the end. By the way... KNG had a cameo in it, and in the credits he was even separately named. This is what it means to be recognized. A hilarious, great 15 minutes.
Speaking of which... His appearance in Personal Taste is accounted on DramaWiki. I have no idea why, since his agency stated it was an accidental cameo, not planned. he was just caught on camera while they were shooting the scene in the restaurant.
Man... So this things actually happen...
Damn, why does his hair look so... so...No! I have to be strong! I need to be strong. Yes, yes, read some boring stuff about Japanese prehistory, do not focus on this silky, beautiful hair...
Damn it! I lost it...

Ups, I forgot to mention, Bad Guy Special aired on Sunday, June 27 can be found here: