Monday, July 12, 2010

Jeong Jae Young: Entertainment Weekly 1332

In a guerilla interview. 
You know, writing here or on D-Addicts actually helps a lot when my mind is occupied with some bad thoughts. But some bad thoughts cannot be chased away. Some stay, and despite all my fangirling (we know what kind of) and love, they are still here.
So, today I watched (yes, I know it's late) Entertainment Weekly from 2010-07-10 and I fell from chair seeing the guerilla interview with JJY^^.
I've been watching a lot of shows lately, trying to understand as much as I can. I like EW and other movie shows, they have Korean subtitles sometimes, so I can check it^^. And I'm also drawn into The World And I program. I'm trying now to watch as much as I can of it. Also I'm catching up with I Love Movies.

And the video: