Sunday, July 04, 2010

I Love Movies

This is the title of a movie show I'm watching every week, along with Joint - Movie World, and of course Entertainment Weekly. This week's shows were sad, especially EW and I Love Movies, because of Park Yong Ha's death. Kim Hyun Joon didn't joke as always. And, what captured my heart even more, there was not so short footage on my special Angel, River in I Love Movies, showing Running On Empty, Stand By Me and My Own Private Idaho. I guess they somehow knew about the July significance to me, July 21st, to be exact. No, they couldn't know. But it was so great to see an interview with JJY, and then out of the blue, at the end of the show a beautiful part for River. Good to know somebody remembers him still.
Plus, in EW there was a short report on Kim Namgil-nim. About the military and episodes 16, 17 of the drama.
I hope there will be some change on D-Addicts, so I can present those shows to all.
But the interview with JJY was priceless. The host was late, so after some waiting he told him not to be late, hehe... Perfectionist in everything.
There was a huge fragment of a movie in those 2 shows, so I'm off to cutting it and posting here.
But... there was a woman on the phone in KNG case, why?? Who?? Where does she live?? Dammit!!

First, interview with 4 manly men. I know we are in a desperate need for those seeing some glittering idiots^^
And we somehow mentioned the first from the left, Joo Jin Mo^^
 Let me present:

And a special place: