Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Ju Jihun: Being an Actor Starts at 40

OK, so while wandering through twitter, I saw an article, it wasn't that long and since it's been a while I translated something, I made a quick one.

Ju Jihun graced the cover of the 8th issue of the magazine Esquire.

The photoshoot of combined Ju Jihun and fashion brand Saint Laurent focused on Ju Jihun's "sensual beauty". 
Ju Jihun, who became a hero of a successful home-run thanks to the continuous hits of the 2020 like Kingdom or Hyena, to the question whether he's at the peak of his career, said: "I haven't even started yet." And went on to explain: "(According to seonbae) it's said that the acting only starts after 40, and since for me this starting line will be the next year, right now I'm at the stage when I'm readying myself as a person for that."

Because of the current state of the world affairs the working on his projects was sadly put to a halt.
"To the viewers, it might look like I've been only resting for the past 6 months." And added: "In fact, because of the Corona, the shooting of the movie Abduction had to be postponed. Everyone involved in this project is compassionately concerned about the other people, so we worried, we discussed it and decided to give it some time."

His latest most favorite thing to do is biking and walking. He explained: "There is a 7 km hike from Yangyang to Naksan* and whenever I get on the top, I just sit on the roadside - those are the best moments, whenever I have some free time lately. When I don't work, with a group of my colleagues, we are either walking or biking."

Ju Jihun received lots of love both domestic and from abroad thanks to two dramas this year: Kingdom 2 and Hyena. Right now he's in the middle of filming the movie Abduction.

I translated it from Japanese after Koari and pics are also from it.

* translator notes: I think it's about the hill with Naksansa - the Buddhist temple in Yangyang county (famous for many things, actually, on the eastern side of the peninsula, overlooking the Eastern Sea) the temple's website is here if you want.