Saturday, January 21, 2012

Asia Prince neglected

   See, there is a good reason why I can't take Japanese seriously. I was never an avid fan of either manga or anime. The series I read/watched was mostly non shoujo, so I can't really connect with all this fandom ("Evangelion" for Eva!!! *jeez, I'm a genius*). Worse, I despise this one and the whole yaoi genre as well. I guess I wrote once why I hate yaoi so much. Everyone is entitled to one's own opinion, some may love it, some may hate it. I'm a hater then.
According to Koreaboo:
"The Boss's label Open World Entertainment, as well as various Japanese sources have revealed news surrounding member Karam's first acting role in a movie.
The movie is an adaptation of a manga series of the same name, and revolves around the love story of two high-schoolers. The school's "Princess", in this case a young pretty male, and the "Prince", a girl with a tomboyish presence.
When the singer of Mizuki's (Ito Ohno) all-girl band Blaue Rosen moves overseas, Akira (Karam) is set to join them. While he first has to overcome Mizuki's suspicious misgivings, Akira dresses up as a girl to be able to fit in the band

This is where things start to get really weird. 

   Yaoi aside, how stupid that plot actually sounds? Why am I even writing about this? Oh, some Korean group member will have his "acting" debut in this one. Don't care about the group, the boy, or the movie, to be perfectly frank. But it's so bad, it's almost good. I just report it "for the lulz".

So, to make the 'romance' sparkle, boy has to cross-dress as a girl and fall in ~~*wuuv*~~ with a girl that clearly has gender identification problems?
Japan really doesn't have any more looking-better-than-your-sister boys, so they have to borrow some from the neighboring country abundant with kkotminam?
And, where's the logic or any maybe 'male pride'? Maybe a bit of reason? Why, on this blue orb, a guy would want to join all-girl music band???
Actually... I bet there are some gender-confused beings like that...

And since the reigning cross-dresser Lady HeeHee is currently serving in the military looking painfully male (hey, I love Heechul, don't stone me!), they grabbed some boy group member.
Poor Diva, sobbing into dakimakura with his 1:1 photo on it, was neglected in this great opportunity to wear make-up, dresses, stocking, high heels and... bras! Oh imagine those tears brimming in those (perfectly) eyelinered eyes!
And on top of that - completely legal, he could just say: "Why, I'm wearing bow and dress at 11.00 pm to feel the character better!". And it would make absolute sense. Viggo Mortensen slept with a sword to better feel his character, so...

As if Kabuki wasn't enough...