Thursday, January 05, 2012

Ballad evening

   There are few voices that are especially cut to sing ballads. I mentioned Tei many times now, and even though I love his voice and his ballads are superb, his voice is of broader range.
Since today is my January Weltschmerz day, I give you some of (not all) my favorite live performances by Tei.
And I do hope he's recording with London Philharmonic Orchestra, I really do, because it's been some time since Opera Star ended, and not a one song (I don't count that bad OST).

So yes, Tei:

   First, not live but a nice, ballad sung with his deep, broad voice. When I was coming back few days ago and on my "Wicked Tongue" played, I suddenly imagined his lungs. As caves. Man has endless, bottomless caves in his lungs, there is no other explanation.

Tei - 사랑은...하나다 [Love...Is The Only One]: 

Live performances:
Tei 테이 - Wicked Tongue 독설 (live): 


And finally, my personal best: Tei - Same Pillow 테이 - 같은 베개 Live 

Wait until he sits down on bed. You better be sitting then too.