Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kim Beom interview part 1

Interview part 1 is served, ladies and gentlemen reading this blog.
Reading that I giggled all the time. See, this young man went overboard (really) to get rid of his 'kkotminam' image, yet some older than him Prancing Fairies do everything to stay as girly as they can.
Professionalism, you say? 20 years in this business, you say?
Omo, I'm bad again.

Time: 2012-01-20
In bold - Kim Beom's parts.

Kim Beom: “11 kg lost… I wanted to look like a man”

If you remember Kim Beom from High Kick or Boys Over Flowers, it’s better to forget that image.
He returned with much more mature image in his recent drama, broadcasted by general service JTBC -  Padam Padam… the sound of his and her heartbeats (Scrinwriter: No Higyeong, Director: Kim Kyutae).
Even his fans didn’t hide their bewilderment when the drama started to shoot and he appeared completely changed by his weight loss.
Although busy in Anseong (Gyeonggi Prov.) with the schedule, Kim Beom met with us to talk, among others, about his resolution for the future.

10 kg body loss is not good for body.
Kim Beom lost 10 kg in order to shoot Padam Padam. Of course it was for the role, but maybe more – for shedding the image of “kkotminam”.
“I was wondering when had no projects (공백기). I had to do some work, but thought on for how long I can have the same image? Such personal change was essential. I wanted to be ‘Man’ rather than ‘Pretty Boy’.

So in effect he surprised everyone with his change due to losing 11 kg. It exceeded just simple image changing, going to the level of almost ‘reinventing’ (환골탈태). No wonder among people in entertainment world, ‘Is this another person?’ talk started to circulate. But behind his change, the painful effort lay hidden. What shocked even more was the fact he lost his weight in 2 months.

“I lost 10 kg exactly in 2 months. It was really hard experience. I was on the move between home and gym, home and gym. Had also limits in my diet. Chicken breast, banana and sweet potato was all. And when I stayed at home – sweet potato, iced coffee and banana.”

He entered the schedule of Padam Padam when his exertion has ended with blood loss. However he still was unable to eat, and the temptation of this world to lure him out from ‘weight loss temple’ was too great.

“It happened when we were shooting the poster photo and opening. We were shooting in the park and I was constantly hungry. Once a family with a kid came to take a walk in the park. All the staff, seeing this child, said ‘How pretty’. However, I saw only a cookie that kid was holding.”(smile)

Although this astonishing transformation made his shape being praised in light of Padam Padam, it had also secondary effect. One of the staff told him ‘You look old’, and this put him in some kind of shock.

“Everyone was praising, but one person said ‘You look old’. So this was the price for it. When you lose weight, your skin starts to look older. Right now I managed to gain around 3 kg.” (smile)

Kim Beom went from ‘Pretty Boy’ to ‘Man’. He also confessed that shooting a pictorial was a nice present for him.

“Among all the things I wanted to do with absolute no regrets while living was shooting for pictorial. I had the chance to accomplish that. With many saying it looked good, I felt I could overcome all hardship. What else may I want? Can’t tell.”

Part 2 on Jeong U-seong as ‘used to angry hyeong’ later this night (I hope)
©Translation – Ethlenn

Translator note:
OK, last sentence gave me some problems. The problematic fragment is as follows - 하라면요? 에이 못하죠.
At first I thought he was talking about ramyeon, but then, eww, nah... I don’t think so. If you have better solution, please correct me.

BTW. there are few nice articles on one of his japanese fansites, but they don't provide original source, so I may translate some from Japanese as well.