Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jeong U-seong interview part 2

Interview part 2 is served. Uff...
Forgive my awkward sentences sometimes.

“This can only be compared to the movie Mutt Boy. Both characters are unattractive and not lovely.”
“Cha Cheolmin from Mutt Boy and Kangchil have similar side. He’s wearing loose sweatshirts and is beaten by his father. At that time, no one expected Jeong U-seong to take such role. I felt I would talk only when I would be ready. I’m someone who lives on reality, but fans and viewers have some image of me. This is why I had a lot of time I spent alone. Nowadays, people’s expectations towards me loosened a bit.

“It feels like he’s breaking the ‘good looks’. Take scene at gallows with running nose.”
“Maybe if it was some other character, it could be re-shot. But it was Kangchil, so we continued. With clothes too. I asked of some easy to get, unfashionable clothes. Those that anyone can get, with trousers a bit short. Sometimes, watching other actors, it looks as if they over-arrange and adorn their clothes because of some insecurity. It all should fit the character. We show Kangchil in clothes that can be worn during shootings, with unkempt hair. He wears random clothes, and while sitting and resting in his rented truck, even with stains on his clothes, he looks at ease.

“Cooperation with Han Jimin.”
“Without problems. Han Jimin grew up in a peaceful environment and she’s a very warm person. She’s quiet and respectful of seniors. She exchanges a lot of jokes with elder people in Tongyeong.

“Padam Padam is a story about miracle of love. What kind of miracle?
“Each and every moment is a miracle. Every day is a brand new one, right? I always say to myself: “Although I’m not a believer, I will live with gratefulness.” It seems like life and death, Heaven and Hell depend on one’s own thinking. Kangchil’s new life started when he didn’t hit warden Kim. It was Guksu who said that, right? “It was your will, hyeong, which kept you alive”, he said. In human life there are different roads to show, but as for me, life flows when we think unconsciously.”

“ Memorable lines from Padam Padam.”
 “What Kangchil, who thought he died, said to Guksu (Kim Beom). ‘Guksu, it’s strange. Why me? I died, but I’m keeping coming back to life. You don’t know? I died in that gallows, but you really don’t know? I DIED. I died, but I’m coming back alive so many times now. The time and place comes back as some absurd. I will disappear here, but will go to some other place!’
And what Guksu said when they left prison: “You can’t forget what you learned from your first miracle. It was your will that let you live. It was your strong will to live like a normal human being that stopped you from hitting warden Kim.”
And in the hut after being soaked by rain, when talking with Jina about her dog:”I’m training a dog for visually impaired. Teach him to socialize. I teach him to let go of his fear of people and world before he’ll be a guide dog.”(Jina)
And “To let go of fear of people and world? It’s something I need.” (Kangchil).

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