Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 Dramas

   Not that last year was prolific with outstanding dramas. Bad thing - it wasn't. I dropped more dramas than in previous years combined. Those years past I finished almost all dramas I started, but with Secret Garden last year I had an epiphany. I realized I have no obligation whatsoever to finish the drama I have no feel for, or I didn't "click" with it.
And I have problem with classifying *fangirl alert* What's Up! or Padam Padam. Fact, those both started last year, but I prefer to treat them as 2012 dramas. Why? Because 2011 was a crappy year for me.
Yeah, maybe biased list, maybe no one agrees with me (but I won't cry in the corner as 'certain someone The Diva'), yet I don't impose my opinion, so feel free to disagree.
I respect my dearest readers opinions and taste as well.
As long as they won't steal one of my 82673512365 loves.

   Having said that... My gods, I do think I'm overexposin... no, overexposed to Japanese language for much too long. It takes me hell of the time to reach the point. Instead I just talk gibberish.

The list is NOT in any order. It's not from 'most liked' to 'least liked', but I just have to put those in some kind of order. But it has nothing to do with my affection or biases (*cough*cough*).

1. New Tales Of Giseng
Beautiful story presented in a rich and beautiful way.
It had issues but without them Kdrama is not a Kdrama. I laughed and I cried, waited impatiently for each episode. Great half of the year.

2. Vampire Prosecutor
Oh well, he drinks blood, he doesn't sparkle. Enough of reason to watch. Plus, gripping story, great characters, retarded cutie. I don't need anything more than that.

3. 49 Days
Enjoyed it purely for the story, not for acting. It was slightly different from usual Kdrama. The ending made sense for me, it was all heading this way, ever since her first talk with The Reaper.

4. Dream of 400 Years
2-episodes Special I really liked. How many times Kdramas deal with mummies, soul-time travel and eternal love? Oh OK, the last one is often present. Yeah.

5. Killer K
Violent and brutal story about high school girl. Blood, violence, revenge, blood. And the cutie but T.T
Visually great, shot like a movie, with few really good, reliable actors.

6. Miss Ripley
I enjoyed this dark, slow and tense story. After some time even the ending started to make sense. Sometimes it's bigger cruelty to let people live than to just kill them and end everything. This way they can suffer more, and I hope she will. She should for ruining and breaking two men who loved her.
Plus Yucheonnie's tears...

7. Protect The Boss
Perhaps because of ladies' friendship. Perhaps because of the celestial cat that Jaejoong is. Don't know.

8. Special Crime Squad MSS
Reason? Oh Manseok. You want me to elaborate? No, actually it's not because of this deep-voiced man. I love to watch criminal dramas about officers that neglect their superiors and bring justice to the people. All running and being dirty.

9. The Princess' Man
Universal history about love. Plus blood, revenge, insanity, sacrifice, blood, devotion, hatred... Did I mention blood? Heavy sageuk rotating around politics, thirst for power and love tainted by blood. I really loved it although it left me emotionally drained and scarred after each episode.

10. The Greatest Love
Oh, let's face it, Hong sisters' dramas are crap. At least this one mindless fluff well played so I could enjoy that. Sometimes it's good to leave your brain behind the door and just enjoy without thinking. There are dramas that make me think, giving me sleepless nights, but this one is just brainless entertainment. You think why I love SuJu? For their musical values?

 There are some other dramas I finished or nearly finished, but due to this or other reason they weren't that enjoyable to make it to the list. Like Manny, Babyfaced Beauty, Idiot Baek Dongsu, I Need Romance (I curse them for eternity for ruining such a great drama!!)etc.
Queen of Reversals ended in February, so I thought about the honorable mention of it^^

And if we had to include Padam Padam and What's Up! to it since they started in 2011, the list would be really short. Those two take the rivals down right away.
So I just leave these here:

Whats upPadam padam