Saturday, January 21, 2012

Y U No sarang me, Oppa?

   I thought that not everyone follows me some places else, and this is too good to hide it. I found it on tumblr actually, but I bet it's available everywhere connected to broadly understood Kpop fandom.
Fangirls are scary, dumb and stubborn. Those three traits combined make them almost as scary as ACTA and SOPA combined.
Oppa, please date every horny fangirl that dreams of holding hands with you! So we, usual fans, could get a break from their whining, moaning, spazzing and idiocy.

People should know that songs work better. Barbie should sing a song to her Oppa, maybe Lies by Big Bang, to admit that she thought "Sarang" is a lie, but now needs him "more and more".
Or she could stalk him like those 5 here. This is actually the tutorial on "how make oppa notice me". get yourself an abusive boyfriend first, go to the concert wasted and with this-is-my-last-day-on-this-planet look on the gloomy emo face, and all will follow.


People around the world, let's help this stranded soul!
To be honest, I don't think she's talking about actual idol Oppa, but real life one, yet it applies as well.