Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oppa Didn't Mean It 2012 Part 1

Oh, and quite big this time.
This is what this is about:
MC asked what kind of parents they would be, CAP takes the mic and says "I would raise my children cooly" then said, and immediately after. They all ask "WHY!?" to which he says Then Niel asks "so you hit her at home?" and Chunji says "there's even more dangerous" (even though they probably meant "thats") to which CAP replies "to make her obedient." (source)

OK, I was not their fan, Niel creeps the hell out of me, but this guy...

That's what I wrote on tumblr.
Oh, so we have first “oppa didn’t mean it” this year, and quite big.
Joke or not, he’s a douchebag for not knowing what types of jokes he can say on TV. That’s all. Some words are just not supposed to come out even if you mean it. The look on other members’ faces speak for itself - they were really shocked.
Fangirls should stop sheltering their oppas just because their hormonal balance is fucked up. They should try to imagine being in his “future daughter/wife” shoes. Not that charming, I bet.
And “cultural difference” bullshit… Women get beaten everywhere, but it doesn’t mean it is justified. K-netizens or cray cray fangirls just love to shove that expression when the flames of hatred start to appear. It’s not “cultural difference”, it’s violence, violence is a crime.
And talking such crap will remain talking c(r)ap, no matter what.
Just my 2 cents to the drama.

Enjoy the very first "Oppa Didn't Mean It" hell in 2012. And it's only January 12th.
On the side note - lot of idols think sh*t. But at least they have their tongue restrained. Take Heechul, the amount of harsh things he blurts out can form a mountain, but he can control himself when it comes to sensitive topics too.