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2011 in Kpop^^

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“It's best to be ruthless with the past.”
(Stephen King, Rose Madder)

   I wanted to write this much earlier, but somehow other things came in a way and I postponed this until now. This is a very biased, very personal take on 2011 in Kpop, so don't throw any stones for missing this-or-this group out of those 2526545 that debuted last year. Except for 2NE1 I don't listen to girls' groups (and even 2NE1 I listen when I want to 'shake that thing' only), so lack of them here is justified, right?
Oh yes, your all-time favorite category "Oppa Didn't Mean It" is also here.
Especially for one special friend out there^^

It's high time to start (9.50 am, yes yes).


- DBSK (HoMin) comeback. With no doubt. That was the most anticipated event of the first quarter of 2011, blown up by SMEnt to the cosmic dimensions. They came back with the song "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" and of course, some fans saw harsh criticism in the lyrics of some 3 rogues that left. Anyway, this song was later on used in Bengali CF of cookies without (of kors) SMEnt consent. Was funnier than original though. HoMin fans, I'm ready, bring it on.
- Infinite comeback no one cared about.
- TOP and G-Dragon released "Knock Out" MV.
- JYJ Music Essay "Their Rooms"
- Junsu messed up by sending tweets to Yunho about the awkwardness after breaking.
- Kangta's "Arrow" shot me down bang bang.
- Last but not least, Korean gender confused people became more vocal. Looks like transvestites are prancing now on the streets of Seoul with ajumma hair and bras fully visible.


- Junsu's musical "Tears in Heaven". He was praised for improving his lower notes by them critics. 
- SuJu KRY first concert.
- Big Bang "Tonight" MV thanks to which Daesung set all ladies on fire.
- Court dismisses both lawsuits filled by SMEnt against JYJ (yet no official resolution up till today).
- Big Bang releasing Secret Garden parody. Being better than original while doing so.


- JYJ continues to be shunned, blocked and removed from all the lists and rankings (vide: Oricon)
- Tei and his band Handsome People debuted (by Fluxus). I'm probably the only one person that prefers Tei from 2008, eh.
- Yucheon confirmed for Miss Ripley. Unfortunately Lee Dahae too.
- Maya's comeback!


- Dino's Birthday. Forever relevant. Yeah, I know, not exactly happening in Kpop. Sue me.
- Piggy Dolls group struggles with looking non-plastic-fantastic. Korea hates bigger women.
- Opera Star continues.
- The funniest CF of 2011 part 1


- Infinite confirmed in my life.
- SHINee keeps releasing Japanese remakes of their songs (Hello after Replay). One word - crap.
- Daesung's car accident. Witch-hunt started.

- Immor(t)al Song 2 starts featuring Jonghyeon and some other irrelevant cast.
- Junsu's twin brother has to cancel his twitter because of cray cray fans who hate him.
- SMTown Live in Paris. Mass hysteria, thousand of girls pregnant because of their Oppas' proximity, fight among fandoms, "I love my oppar longer than thou!"- crusades.
- Celestial Cat aka Kim Jaejung confirmed for Protect the Boss drama.
- Jonghyeon single again. Fangirls hate him still.
- Immortal Song 2 continues but is not relevant anymore.


- The funniest CF of 2011 part 2
- Jeju promotions and KBS screwed JYJ. Again.
- Infinite's comeback
- Yucheon wraps up Ripley in hospital for shingles.

- SuJu returns with 5th studio album. Let's not discuss on the quality of it. Mr. Simple reflects in their lyrics the 'simplicity' that consist of mostly repetitions and some random English. To fully appreciate this song and MV, watch this. Or A-Cha, it's better. Of kors both with self-made choreo which is lulzy. Yes, I do think A-Cha is better.
- Various associations begin battle with lyrics in Kpop songs. Banning those that have "alcohol", "drink", "sleep", "smoking" etc. Because, as we know it, Korean adolescent boys and girls live in a bubble and when exposed to lyrics/songs they will immediately start doing this sh*t. Yeah, yeah. Korea, the Reason Forsaken Land.
- Spy Myeongwol drama-llama in full swing.
- Daesung cleared out in the accident case.


- Infinite's first win ever (then second and third). Babies continue to remain flawless even when crying convulsively on stage.
- Heechul in the military. The number of SJ fangirls dropped significantly worldwide as some of them committed ritual suicide because their Oppa will be serving for 23 months on some remote planet in other galaxy, and they will never meet again to talk how perfect soulmates they are and how they were meant for each other.
- JYJ's In Heaven album and MV is out.
- The Diva keeps on embarrassing herself.
- Reason for believing in Kpop - even in SuJu there are some who can sing. This song made me believe yet again. I already said that - I will love Ryeowook forever. He sings without ear-plugs. Probably unable to mess up by default.


- Huge war between SJ and SNSD butthurt fans. Of course SNSD gets more monies and attention. They wear invisible skirts/shorts and their demographic is male between 14-60, while SuJu gets horny fangirls between 14-30. You do the math. SJ videos (except for maybe 3??) are shot within 'cubes'. Songs are shitty (SNSD too, tbh), choreo... uhmm... But at least some of them are lulzy in their fail.
- G-Druggin caught smoking marijuana. Oppa didn't mean it, Oppa didn't know it was that bad, evil weed.  High High^^
- Immortal Song 2 gets relevant for a short while cause of Namslut.
- SHINee in Japan promoting some stuff.
- KBS confirms the ban on JYJ.
- JYJ Junsu confirmed to star in musical Elisabeth. He plays Death. To all his fangirls.


- Big Bang won at MTV Awards World Artist (or so). This should end all November news.
- JYJ in Europe: Spain and Germany.
- The Diva made sure he WILL receive his diploma.
- YB released new MV. Forever relevant.


- Ali held her first independent concert.
- Fangirls hearts stopped again - it was revealed that Celestial Cat's aka Jaejung's military enlistement was pushed back to august 31st 2012. Mayans were right after all... On a side note - Yucheon got 7th grade in military evaluation, meaning he will not be able to enlist, or if he does, he'll be shunned to clean the desk as Heechul. Smoking and asthma will kill you, pabo!
- Troublemaker MV. Netizens boiled over slutty and overly sexual image of Hyuna. Dun currr... The song is catchy though.
- SMEnt starts to issue million teasers for its debuting boy group EXO K/M.
- Ali and Nayoung case.
- Arirang TV asks foreign (omo!) fans in a survey. Jeez, Korean TV knows about World too?
- Infinite chosen as 'The Best 2011 idols'. Peace!

I probably left out tons of it. There is not a week without any major happening in Kpop funky town, so it's not easy to remember them all. Last 2 days I was preparing this list, yet looking for links, dinner and fangirling over videos on YT took me few hours to make this post.

Post sponsored by the one and only derpy dino in Kpop. Only one idol so far that made me cry with his voice and with his own tears in October 2010. Because he lives in his own strange world sometimes.

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