Sunday, January 08, 2012

Padam Padam...

   Edith Piaf sang that once...
Truthfully speaking, I'm speechless. It's been some time since any drama did that to me. I'd like to write here and now all I love about this show, but I have to excuse you, the next episode is waiting. This show is so weird, so surreal and so... anything but Kdrama-ish.

   First episode won me over. The fact I like everyone in the cast only makes things easier. Jeong U-seong is an awesome actor, and he has the ability to play a gentleman or an idiot, all in 2-seconds. So I had no doubt he could carry the more-than-original story. Kim Beom was actually the only highlight in this terrible show that BOF was, but here he's strange. He was never in my pedo kingdom (he's too manly for that), so I can judge him without any bias, yet he's elusive with this role, one time when he smiles he's beautiful like... well, an angel. But the other time, there is a strange otherworld-like coldness in him. Han Jimin, and I liked her in Capital Scandal enough, has also reserved and cold character to play, but her motives to be like that are well understood (not any of upper-class-better-background bullshit). Na Mun Hui, as some of us probably know, is able to play a "grandma with the past" really well (Goodbye Solo). Yoon Joo Sangas prison officer Kim, although a small role, is also memorable.

The cinematography reflects the general sub-text of the story as well. What I do like about this drama is the fact directors, writers and all those people are not afraid to show some shots, that in normal shows are usually omitted - like long walk of one character with setting sun on the background, etc. This gives nothing to the plot really, but it sets up the overall atmosphere of the drama. We, when we watch it, feel as if we were invited to share some secret, some unseen places. I had the similar feeling with Thelma and Louise once, if anyone remembers, there is this scene where camera shows the wheel and side of the running car for a really long time. Plot-wise - completely useless, but it creates the in-depth immersion to the story.
And of course, can be visually nice.

Music is also good, fits the story, doesn't hurt my ears, yet doesn't dominate the episode. It highlights points that have to be seen with more attention. That's all.

Since I never read recaps, and I usually never read/care of others' opinions about a certain show (making your own choice is probably the hardest task for some people over on DA, begging for recommendations), I have no idea how the story progresses. I'm on episode 4 and, frankly, I have the worst scenario in my mind ready to roll, I have the bad feeling it will end without a happy ending. Strangely enough, this will suit it. Happy ending will suit it as well.

This is one strange drama. I'm sure even those who never watched any Kdrama may like it. There is hope and miracle, there is surrealism that fills every frame of this drama. But it doesn't seem odd, rather it seems to be a constitutive part of the world that all those characters are living in.



   And since I don't think the title is just randomly used (Korean language does have the onomatopoeia for "thump thump", just listen to Greatest Love main song or Wuhyeonnie's latest song on IS2 :P), Edith Piaf song is next:


For those who don't speak (read) in language of Rimbaud:

This tune which haunts me day and night
This tune wasn't written today
It comes from as far away as I come
Trawled around by a hundred thousand musicains
One day this tune will drive me mad
A hundred times I've wanted to say why
But it's interrupted me
It always speaks before i do
And its voice drowns out my voice
It comes running up behind me
It plays me the trick of: do you remember
C'est un air qui me montre du doigt
Et je traîne après moi comme un drole d'erreur
Cet air qui sait tout par cœur
It says: "Remember your loves
Remember cos it's your turn
There's no reason why you shouldn't cry
Encumbered with your memories
"And me, I see again those who remain
My 20 years make the drum beat
I see the succession of gestures flash by
All the comedy of love
To this tune which just keeps playing
Des "je t'aime" de quatorze-juillet
The 'always's which we buy on the cheap
Des "veux-tu" en voilà par paquets
Et tout ca pour tomber juste au coin d'la rue
Sur l'air qui m'a reconnue
Listen to the commotion which it causes me
Comme si tout mon passé défilait
You need to keep some sorrow for later
I've got scores full in this tune which beats.
Which beats like a wooden heart
(from: lyrics)