Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jeong U-seong interview part 1

   First part of the interview is served. I know I was supposed to translate it earlier, but... Friday was my bad day, and Saturday I spent with my sister cause she fed me (and I baked a banana bread for her^^), so I was kinda indulging into real life activities.
But fret no more, it is here. Since it's a quite big interview, I split it in two parts. Next one later on Sunday (after I catch some sleep).

I will be frank, I have problems with this one.

In bold – Jeong U-seong.

We met with Jeong U-seong in Tongyeong in Gyeongsang Province where the shooting of Padam Padam takes place.
Drama receives much popularity among viewers and netizens, and is called ‘a masterpiece’, and on his role of Yang Kangchil he said: “Both Kangchil and I were cheated on by people, but despite being tricked, we both share the same faith in humans still.”

Behind the café’s windows can be seen a calm sea. Jeong U-seong appeared here, in a place filled with sunshine. “It’s serene, right? Tongyeong is beautiful even now, but especially in autumn. It makes your heart peaceful.”

Jeong U-seong in Padam Padam plays a pure-hearted Yang Kangchil. We met on 10th, in a café close to Dongpirang little town. He appeared wearing jumper pants and no make-up. He plays a guy who spent 16 years in a prison labeled as murderer and now came back to this world. He’s someone who slightly hunched, wears uncouth, plain clothes, with silly behavior, but free of cunningness and deceitfulness.

“Jeong U-seong could present a ‘fantastic role’.
“As soon as I finished reading the script, I thought I should do it. I had the thought of something honest and it was all in this work.”

Padam Padam is screenwriter No Hee Kyeong’s first work in last 3 years. The acting of Jeong U-seong and Han Jimin, and the story touching many deep layers of human life, received the praise. It’s the first project of screenwriter No and Jeong. We asked about his thoughts on writer No. The answer was long.
“Cold-hearted Jina and pure-hearted Kangchil grew to love each other. In the drama More Beautiful Than A Flower, there was a scene where a mother with dementia took a red pill when her heart ached (me: or she smeared the meds, I couldn’t figure, haven’t seen the drama). Isn’t it some sense of showing child feelings after being subject to the coldness of this life? Even after being smashed by happenings in life, it’s important to protect and take care of this child-like innocence. This is the writer that won’t be obliterated by currents of time. She’s someone who describes all that is happening in our lives – unchanging feelings, being hurt, recognized etc. ‘Oh, I’d like to melt into this writer’s drama’ – I had such thought, but there was no occasion to meet. And when I almost forgot that, suddenly, be it fate of destination, a screenplay of Padam Padam appeared.

“Kangchil is a complicated character.”
“He’s someone who doesn’t change. Because of regrettable thing, he spent 16 years in prison, and those hard years affected him a great deal. Although he has many nasty ‘times’, Miss No (me: 미스 , the nickname for writer No) made him as a man who kept innocence. This is why I poured many things on acting this out. His crude and uncouth behavior can’t be refined, yet when he speaks, he does it with simple clarity. Nothing pretty, nothing ornamental. He does not change words according to advantages and disadvantages as well.

“There are almost no scenes without you in”
“At the beginning of the drama, there was lot of noisy Kangchil, but this drama is a story of fixed group of people. Viewers may follow Kanchil’s story, but it’s also everybody’s story – Mother’s, Jina’s. It’s not ‘single topic’ one. At this moment it’s a very bright subject, bright matter. Focusing on outward, substantial matters, it gives the audience some satisfaction. This is why Kangchil meets girl from a better environment than himself, and shows how to love. Why such love can’t get any attention? This drama tells the story of this kind of love. I was asked once: ‘Honestly, do we need any love more than this one?’

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And for those interested: few words from the writer.

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