Friday, January 27, 2012

Angelic Reporter

I'm sorry if the translation is a bit off of this short article accompanying the video, but it's not my good day. Plus, articles on Nate are not exactly the deepest messages of this world, so...
I ommitted the part with fans' replies, because "You're so cute" (“천사 국수 너무 귀여워요~” brb puking) makes me sick and is absolutely irrelevant.
As in case of every translated piece - repost wherever you want, credits would be nice, but I don't care. It's just a translation.

The video and translation of the article below:

Actor Kim Beom surprised everyone when he posted as the reporter Yi Guksu on January 22nd, using YouTube and official blog. This introduced a little bit of unofficial shooting of Padam Padam. Posted as New Year filming, included, among others, the scene of phone booth when Kangchil received his second miracle (November 25-26).
But what caught the attention the most was Kim Beom’s shooting of one scene when he had to be on 48-hours long alert, but all was filled with lively atmosphere.
(…) Except for that, on the official blog, there are videos of New Year’s greetings by Na Munhee, Jeong U-seong, Han Jimin to all the fans.