Monday, January 02, 2012

Two celestial beings

One - Jaejung, other Yucheonnie.
Let's start from the latter. He was awarded, yes, yet again for his acting skills. Not for filling the Tokyo Dome with eels (well, Cassies did fill it in the times long past, true), not for plonking on guitar pretending to act.
Yucheon won the Best New Actor Award with Lee Ki-gwang at the 2011 MBC Drama Awards held on the 30th of December at the MBC Dream Center.
He said, "I am so grateful. I know how much this means to the young actors who get this award. It's such a great honor".
He added, "It's especially a big and meaningful award for me. I think it's something you're giving me even though I'm in a difficult situation". (after HanCinema)
Yes, for acting, because he's improving and he's worth every award they can give him.
Oh yes, I am biased.

And now Jaejung:

JYJ’s Jae Joong has donated 50 million won to his schools as a development fund.
Jae Joong has recently donated 20 million won to Kong Ju Joong Dong Elementary School and 30 million won to Kong Ju Middle School Attached to Kong Ju University.
From the donation, Kong Ju Joong Dong Elementary School is going to build a library, a computer lab along with replacement of computers, and drinking fountains. And Kong Ju Middle School is going to award scholarships to its students, purchase books, and provide class equipment for special classes. It will also be used for the elementary school’s baseball team and the middle school’s swimming team.
Jae Joong says, “While participating in many donation activities to thank fans, I thought I should also support the students who were born and raised in my town. It could be greater if I could make a donation directly to the teachers and the students, but I’m sad that I couldn’t. If I ever get a chance, I really want to visit. I hope the students can study in better learning environments when the winter vacation is over.”
Jae Joong sent the message with his autograph on the closing day of the schools before the winter vacation, and the students enthusiastically responded to his sincerely heart.
Goo Ki Nam, a registrar of Kong Ju Middle School Attached to Kong Ju University said, “We thank Jae Joong for considering his school and its students. The students were so happy when they heard the news of Jae Joong’s donation. I’m so proud that one of students from this school has become a Hallyu star and makes a donation to his school. As Jae Joong has succeeded by maximizing his talent, I hope our students can also become talented people of this country. Thank your for providing a special closing ceremony.”
Jae Joong also donated 200 million to fix the damage made by the flood in Thailand with JYJ’s Jun Su and Yoo Chun, and he is currently proceeding the Mango Tree Project with World Vision.

source:  TV Report
credit: en-korea and syc

He's one sweet human being, right? Donation to school, to various charity organisations, and not making a profit out of it. He graduated those shools. He's not making an "anonymous" donation when before graduation.
But who am I to judge.

JYY’s Jae Joong recently delivered a speech accepting the New Star Award in the SBS Drama Awards.
On January 1, Jae Joong tweeted, “I’ve won a priceless award. What makes this small trophy so valuable to me? Thank you all.”
Along with Seo Hyo Lim, Ji Chang Wook, Gi Hara, and more, the singer and actor won New Star in the 2011 SBS Drama Awards, held on December 31.
His winning an award for acting is meaningful in that he recieved the award so soon after his debut as an actor. In his acceptance speech, he stated, “I really didn’t expect to win an award, but winning this award makes me happy. I want to say thank you to the JYJ members.”
With Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, and more, Jae Joong appeared in the SBS series Protect The Boss as Cha Moo Won, a romantic yet comic character. (

And some heartbreaking Jae's news:

During a recent broadcast of ‘Choi Kang Hee’s Night Flight‘, JYJ‘s Jaejoong confessed that he wanted to be in a relationship.
He stated, “I wanted to walk the streets of Myungdong on Christmas day, but I haven’t had the chance to since my debut. I also want to date and be in a relationship, but haven’t gotten the chance to do that either.”
When Choi Kang Hee asked, “Would you make your relationship open to the public?” Jaejoong humorously replied, “If it’s with you, it would be fine.”
Choi Kang Hee jokingly replied, “Then you can walk the streets with me. I’ll walk with you. I’ll even let you use a free pass.”

Spent Christmas alone... wish I knew...

And since I like to throw SuJu members around (not liked mostly), this time funny joke proving how stupid journalists can be.
This young man will take over Kim Jong Il in North Korea:

Looks familiar? Damn he should, it's Yesung, mehehe. (Un)lucky for him his name is Kim Jong Woon, not Kim Jong Eun.

And now, if you allow me, I have to find Yer My Fag Pet movie and laugh it out. I saw one scene (singing scene, and "dancing"??) from it just now, and I swear, I will start to listen to Westlife more.