Thursday, January 26, 2012

Science fiction

Image relevant as hell.

   Many authors had inclination to 'what if'-ing about the future. Usually the future in cyberpunk genre or dozens of sci-fi movies looks dark, apalling and cold. I have always liked movies about totalitarian systems, maybe my own historical background, I have no idea. Tyrants and opression were my favorites topics, except for treason.
Today, ACTA was signed in Tokyo. Virtually all countries of EU will be bound by one law that stretches throughout the entire world (yes, your beloved Japan and Korea too). This is not an angry post, surprisingly my depression took over anger at this very moment. 
But worry not, I will b*tch about that later.

And there are few movies that depicted the bleak reality in societies where everything is controlled.
I'm trying not to panic about ACTA, and I know the worst will not come tomorrow. But it will nevertheless. Politicians, ever since the dawn of human civilization, wanted to keep the citizens as dark mass, will-less and brain-dead. It's easy to control the crowd of blind followers.
Yet there is something that those big shots forgot easily. The mob is also the power. The mob had the courage to oppose caesars in Rome. The mob took Bastille. 

I missed something? probably a lot. But it's all my poor mind can think of as now.