Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yucheon... poor baby.

   Oh, what a great news. As if all other problems were not enough. My patience with K-entertainment is slowly running out. Is this some survival camp? Death camp? Exploit-you-till-you-drop? Stars can be effective when they are fully recharged and healthy. He looks bad. Very bad.

Group JYJ's Micky Yuchun (25) is suffering from herpes zoster.
His management said on the 20th, "We found out that he had herpes zoster while filming MBC TV "Miss. Ripley" last week. His face is alright but his chest and back have rashes. He had filming schedules all week and it seems like they broke out due to exhaustion, stress and malnutrition".
Now that "Miss. Ripley" has ended, Micky Yuchun has been getting medical treatment while carrying out other activities. "The hospital says it's best that he stays in the hospital but he can't because of his other schedules and activities".
About having not attended the ending conference of "Miss. Ripley", they said, "He had an advertisement schedule but his condition was so bad he sweated a lot. He really wanted to go but his over exhaustion and herpes zoster didn't let him. He has apologized to the production about not being able to make it". (hancinema)