Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Infinite (인피니트)

   I'm all into pop. I'm not ashamed of this. I'm not a blues fan, I find it boring almost as Lars von Trier artsy crap. I've always been a rock girl, but never had any aversion towards pop. I think talent can be found everywhere. And I prefer to listen to a good pop that mediocre rock. Last year I didn't have time to update myself as much as I wanted on kpop, I just tried to remember the names of new bands. Don't care much for girl bands, because as for me, and it's not a jealousy speaking, apart from showing cutsy, IQ 45 faces and legs, they don't have anything much to offer. Yes, I mentioned few times, 2NE1 is the only girl group that has distinctive style, music, and voices. Plus balls, they do. Boy groups, they are more complex, on the other hand. Their choreo is sometimes highly complicated, and their voices are, in general, better.
Oh yes, and I do love dancing men. I do.
Don't even look here if you judge pop by N'Sync (or however it is written). People don't want to be divided by race, gender, sexual orientation, so why divide music? And just because you don't like/listen to a certain genre, it doesn't mean it's a crap. I don't like blues, but I like some songs, because I can give that they are nice. The same goes even for a 7-member boy group.
Jonghyeon post in some time, I need to recover after what he's done^^

   So, what this is about? Weeks ago, Ori sent me a link to an MV. I faintly remembered the name of the band back in last summer, but had never any chance, nor will to check them up. My bad.
And ever since I'm hooked. No band since DBSK and SHINee did that to me. I'm not sure how long this will last, but as for now, I'm really impressed by what I hear, and also by what I see. I'm trying to listen to the song first, even if this is as a video on YT, just minimalise it and listen. If there is nothing in the sound - I can't force myself to listen to it. 

Seonggyu (김성규)
Dongwu (장동우)
Wuhyeon (남우현)
Hoya (Yi Howon 이호원)
Sung-yeol (이성열)
L (김명수)
Seongjong (이성종)

   Apart from an amazing synchro in their dancing, they have good voices (some), and good music. It's totally different from your usual boy group sound. It has more air, more sun, it's an ol' good funk in it. Some hear Michael Jackson in it, and it's a great comparison.
And yet they are horribly underrated. They are better than Big Bang in their music production and choreo (gods, Biga Bang is horrible, plus they have TOP to spoil everything, on top of that, ahahaha!!), but they are not everywhere like those 5.

This is the video that started it all:

I know I posted it already, but since I present them here and now, allow me to do it again. They have (like almost any band) normal MV and "dance version", so the latter version is below (with famed scorpion dance).

Next one is Come Back Again, but only in dance version, because it's freaking awesome. Both the song and choreo.

And now, live performances. Boys are good.


Hysterie (full):

Hysterie and BTD (Before The Dawn):

Oh yes, and one last thing, I never write "in the heat of things". My thoughts have been hovering over this post for some time already before I finally gave myself a green light.
So yes, we were spazzing yesterday, but for me this was few-weeks road and...

Dorawa, dorawa... Tashi dorawa...