Thursday, July 07, 2011

You're My Fa... Pet

Looks like someone didn't do their homework on japanese particles here, but never mind.

   There is only a handful j-dramas I like. I didn't watch many, so perhaps I missed few gems, and I admit that freely. I'm not the specialist. But Kimi wa Petto is one of my favorites. It was my first drama with Matsumoto Jun, and you may like him or not, but in this early work of his, he's adorable. I watched it over a year and a half ago, and around the same time the rumors about korean version of it appeared. It was decided to be a movie and not drama, and one candidate for the cast seemed perfect then. Then. Oh, those gay times of yore!
Fangirls, I strongly advise you not to read.

   My short-lived supporting of one young actor came to an end when he non-verbally stated he's feeling better as a woman. I can support every kind of freaky show, but not making fun out of mature fans who thought they could have some new, fresh talent to look over. I said and wrote many harsh words, but I won't back off on any of it. I made fun, when the show was funny, but after that, even making fun stopped being funny. I realized I can't even make fun out of caricature.
We were horrified while seeing earrings that surely belonged to his mother wild 80's days. We were disgusted by the behavior on the stage. Yes, you read that right. An actor, who was on his good path, suddenly discovered he's a Jim Morrison incarnated and started to bring the sexy back. But even this would have been bearable if not the whole entourage. Metrosexual clothes in 2010/2011 are nothing new, but girly ones just stung my eyes a bit. I'm maybe old-fashioned, but I like my men to like like men. Is this really that hard?
After that, the interviews came. And one by one they just sealed the coffin of my short fanship. There was no going back.
"OK", I said to myself, "he can be even an idiot in a real life and behave like a total jerk, like Jack Nicholson, but it's the acting that counts! Acting I watch!". Halas!, since 2008 work - no improvement and even downfall. Trainwreck of a drama Mary Should Stayed In Hell should have never been made, and I think 5% rating is around 10% too much for it. Acting in this drama consisted of making cute faces, making angry faces and flashing the now (in)famous S-line.

And now You're My Pet is finally starting to shoot. And the pics we saw yesterday not only didn't convince us to this project, but worse - made us either puke or laugh hysterically (well, I laughed, cause I had some rum beforehand). In a drama, the title "pet" was a mess - ragged, dirty, straightforward, messy. Here we got someone who hid in a box, because hair salon didn't put the right hair conditioner and he had to hide in shame. Also, why eyeliner again? Really all homeless people in Korea have eyeliners to use? 
The only good thing in this movie so far is Kim Haneul. And the red umbrella. So the main "male" star can practice new gig to the choreo of
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

Why am I even writing this? Because I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed in a boy I thought had talent but prefers to shake on the stage like fame-mongering lass. With the current destination that events are going to, soon I may say I'm disappointed in that lass.
And one more time - I'm bashing what he's giving to us, not the person under all those curls, tons of glitter, man-bra and make-up. Or maybe a little bit. I don't find it cute, I find it childish and retarded. I don't agree with "Oh, he's young, he's 24 only". Oh really? It's an insult to bring Kim Namgil-nim here, but he was 25 when made No Regret. And I see nowhere in the future such start for The Diva. Never. Because some actors take their job seriously, and some come late on set. And I don't buy the gentle reason that Mr. Lee Sunjae gave that this is perhaps his management doing. Nope, someone with conscious would never let that happen. How on earth management can make anyone to be late on set?
I shift all my support to kids like Lee Minho. He really cares about his career, me seems, and he looks trustworthy.

JGS released japanese single "Let Me Cry" some time ago. I wanted to fulfill his wish.

And a year ago I wrote a scenario for NNP:
somehow I see that coming...

Stills for NNP:

If I offended someone, sorry, but I want to let know that I'm not one of those mindless hoards that scream "oppa saranghae!" at the slightest frown. I'd love to scream "dongsaeng, saranghae!" if there was a good reason for that.

Umbrella lyrics written by The-Dream, Christopher Stewart, Kuk Harrell and Jay-Z