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Infinite cuteness

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Yes, forgot to add what this post is aboout - the interview. 


Before we knew it, it was already the fourth interview with them. To think that the bright and cheerful boys give off a mysterious manly scent now… It’s not really drastic or anything, but you still couldn’t erase that fierce feeling from them, Infinite.
After a year since their debut of June 9th, 2010, Infinite released their official album, ‘OVER THE TOP’.
“It seemed like we were going by too fast, and we wondered if we were acting too hasty but we practiced and worked hard ten times the amount that we have been showing so far to show a better side of ourselves and we’re confident!”
This album sounds similar yet different from the songs Infinite has been showing till now. Hoya and Dongwoo were in charge of the rap making for this album as well, and everyone’s own parts were longer and more mature. From Sunggyu and Woohyun’s solo songs to Hoya and Dongwoo’s hip-hop duet song. Their choreography was always a hot topic and they showed confidence by saying you can see a more fierce side to them as they added break dancing moves. Infinite, who has opened a different prospect. Their climb to the top of the summit continues.

Although idols being on TV shows or in movies has become an everyday thing, we think it wasn’t as hasty as L and Sungyeol. Their mind towards acting is full of seriousness and nervousness that we couldn’t find in them before. Maybe it was overdone worrying. Although it was probably awkward at first, we picture these two people to grow enough as they build up on experience and put the word ‘actor’ in front of their names without feeling out of place with it.
You two have been added in as new acting-dols, so how does it feel to have started acting?
SY: I still don’t know what to do when I stand in front of the camera. I need to think of the lines and do gestures, so it still hasn’t been sorted out.
L: Because filming for mine is still in the early phase, I don’t feel that much weight on myself. Although, it may also be because my character doesn’t usually talk. But I think it’s a bit hard since I need to act with my expressions and actions instead. And due to the nature of my character, there’s a lot of outdoor filmings and I’m trying to get the know-how’s of outdoor filming right now.
Please introduce the characters that each of you are in charge of.
L: Jiu was abandoned by his parents when he was younger and he grows up as a loner. And in the end, he starts being a killer who does crimes in order to show his existence. Truthfully he’s a innocent and lonely kid, but due to the scars being too large, he became twisted.
SY: In one phrase, I’m a mother’s friend’s son [T/N: a perfect boy]. I study well, I’m good looking, tall, and popular. And I’m filial to my mom (laughter). I’m an aspirant for the law department of Seoul University.
How did you practice to get into character?
L: I watched the movie, ‘The Man From Nowhere/Ahjusshi’, a lot. The character of Jiu has no feelings. Because he’s a character that can’t feel hurt, I was inspired after seeing how he controlled his feelings in the movie.
SY: I thought about it and you know how it’s a mother’s friend’s son role. A kid that’s completely perfect in everything. So I thought I had should learn a tone that implies that I act perfect about everything, yet I wouldn’t know myself. So I referred to Lee Seunggi senior from ‘Famous Seven Princesses’.
What do the other members say after seeing you act?
SY: They say I’m still awkward. (Then do the members give you help?) Yes. If I can’t memorize the script well or I can’t get into feeling, Sunggyu hyung or Woohyun hyung match with me using the opposing role’s script. (The member you think will do good if he acts?) Woohyun hyung. I think a kind, soft role will match him. A master of dating where he hits on a girl and then rejects her to bring her closer to him?
What was the hardest thing while filming? An episode or mistake during filming~
SY: I look at the camera and sing when I’m on stage. However, you should never do that when filming a drama. You need to look at the other person and do it, but I had bad experiences because I always looked towards the camera at first.
L: I act in a Japanese drama. So I was learning Japanese and it was when I just learned the phrase, ‘Obento wa gochira desu~’. It means, ‘the bento is here!’. After finishing filming, I said ‘Obento wa gochira desu~!’ out loud and everyone laughed. (The members keep making fun of me, calling me L-sama, L-sama.)
Do you feel something different in you after acting?
SY: When I use a more mature tone? It’s a tone I don’t usually use, but I used the same words in my script. And after I say it, I think ‘Ah! These are my lines?’ (Laughter).
L: I think I feel it when the gap is large from when I go into filming and after. A role of a killer is a character that I really can’t do in real life. While I’m laughing and talking like this, if we go into shoot, I get amazed at how I change and really think ‘I’m really acting’.
Then what kind of role do you want to try next?
SY: A dark and heavily impacting character. A convict?
L: I want to do something opposite of that, a soft role. A role like Hanazawa Rui from ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Although there may be many difficulties trying to do my singing promotions and acting promotions side-by-side.
SY: It was like that this time. My CEO told me that it would be hard to act while promoting, but I personally called and persuaded him. I told him it could be the turning point of my life and that I can do well with both.
L: It was the same for me as well. If there are situations like these in the future, I won’t give up and my greed to act grows more.
Dongwoo, who is full of emotions and has various expressions. Just looking at his lively self makes us feel good too. However, we wanted to put in his different side of being serious and slightly silent, for today.
Everyone says that Dongwoo-sshi is random and 999-dimensional, but do you hear that often lately? 
Yes! I still hear it. But I really don’t get it. I just comfortably say what’s on my mind but why do they say it’s random, I think it’s normal. I think it’s because you give deep thought to even the smallest words that may not have a lot of meaning. Oh! That’s right. I think that’s right (Laughter).
Truthfully, when I just look at Dongwoo-sshi’s looks, you seem manly and firece but on the inside you seem to be delicate and considerate of things.
Me? (Laughter) Even when I look at myself, I think I have a fierce impression. However, my personality is just normal. I’m just like a rice-like person. Warm rice that if people come to at the right time, it fills up them up. (Like newly cooked rice?) Puahaha. Yes, not half-cooked or over-cooked rice (laughter). But rather than being considerate, I just want to make connections with all the people I meet. Everyone’s personalities are different. I’m curious about those things.
When you suddenly feel afraid at a point in your life ㅡ Have you felt anything like that before?
Honestly, I have more times that I was afraid than you would think. When I had my first audition, when my father fainted after being sick, and there are happenings besides those that I could easily get them off my chest like a man, but I’m still keeping them strained in my heart. If I live like this, I can’t live for a long time, right? Mm ㅡ I think it’s a good thing to be slightly tense~ Hoh, okay!
A time when you were so sad that you cried to the point where it was uncontrollable? 
I have a lot of sad happenings that relate with my parents. Although I said it before, my father fainted before due to his body having many problems. At that time, I ran uncontrollably to a pharmacy while crying, and continued to dash through even though cars were passing by dangerously. Really, when I think abut that… Is he better now? Yes. My father paid a lot of attention to his health and he’s exercising hard now. Although it’s sad that I couldn’t give much help to him, I’m really happy that he’s working hard now.
Dongwoo-sshi, you’ll probably be a father of a child one day, right? What’s the image of a father that Dongwoo-sshi has?
My father usually acts in a friendly manner to us siblings and talked a lot with us about his inner feelings. They say that the relationship between the father and child is usually awkward. But I never felt that before. And he never forced anything upon me. He said that studying may be important, but finding the thing you want to do the most is the first thing you should do. I really want to become like my parents later on.
If you’re a man, you really need to at least risk your life for this.
If it’s something that’s firmly for you to do! And if it’s something you must do! I keep talking about my father, but my father went to my mother’s house in order to receive permission to marry her. He picked my mother up in front of my grandfather, grandmother, and all the relatives and said one thing. ‘Please give me your daughter!’ I want to model myself after that manliness and firm determination. Something that I can firmly go through with like that is dancing and music.
A world where you could approve anything as long as you have a small link. It’s quite hard to find the effects of fitting in with each other and same chords between 7 members. When looking at them overall, it seems like the fourth oldest, Hoya, and the youngest, Sungjong, would have the least amount of similarities but as we look put them together to look for a matching chord, Hoya & Sungjong’s synergy effect was amazing. When I think about it, Hoya & Sungjong were the best combination that wore couple t-shirts of ‘Are you happy?’ and ‘I’m going to become twisted’ on “Infinite’s Sesame Player” and went around the streets like horses off their reigns.
If you had to reveal your opinion about the dancing of each other?
HY: Sungjong’s sexy, kkap girl group dancing? I respect it. [T/N: He said it in English] (WH: Sungjongie doesn’t know the word respect, so you need to translate it.) Ah, I respect him. I sometimes copy him in the practice room too. Although I don’t memorize and dance to girl groups, when I dance freestyle with Dongwoo hyung, I dance girl dances well. And I roll around my pelvis. Right? Dongwoo hyung! (Dongwoo resolutely nods his head and puts his thumb up) Then why don’t you show it on air? Honestly, I want to. It’s not because I want to take care of my image, but dancing it in front of people is a bit embarrassing. I just do it when we play with each other.
Do you have any thoughts of putting up a video of you dancing in the practice room on Youtube? 
HY: Oh oh~ That would be fun.
SJ: I like Hoya hyung’s dancing. There’s sexiness from it. And he sort of seems like a beast when he dances. A jaguar that runs through a field. He dances well like a beast and the lines cut off perfectly when he dances. When I see Hoya hyung dancing freestyle in the practice room sometimes, he looks really cool and he expresses it well to match the song lyrics. I respect that from him too. Re.sp.ect. [T/N: Said in English]
If I had to point out my self-pride in my dancing?
SJ: I have this look. If you just have this look that seems like you’ll eat the person, then anyone can dance along. It takes away your stress and it’s fun. A feeling of freedom? (Sunggyu suddenly bursts out laughing) Why are you laughing~! (SG: Sungjongie honestly likes girl group dances more than ours. I think he wishes ‘If only I was born into a girl group~’.) That’s not true!
HY: Because I originally danced underground, I went out in a lot of battles and of course, I won a couple of them~ Euhaha! I have that kind of self-pride. When given your own solo stage, what kind of dance do you want to do? I made up concert plans by myself, but I’ll hire a female dancer and do a sexy dance for 10 minutes on my own stage.”
I saw a picture on Hoya-sshi’s Twitter that you took with Sungjong-sshi after watching a movie, but what is the most recently watched movie?
HY & SJ: We had no time to watch lately because of our album preparations!! We have something we really want to watch. Transformers 3D!! (I saw it~) Wow! Was it fun?
HY: People said it wasn’t that great. How was it? (It was fun!) 
SJ: Wow!! Then it should be fun for us too.
If your positions get switched, what do you think it’ll be like? If your souls changed like in the drama, ‘Secret Garden’!
SJ: I think it’ll be fun
HY: Wait, what?
SJ: Hyung, your soul would come to me.
HY: Yeah, I know that. But that’s terrible. ^.^ Joking. But I think I won’t like it. I don’t want to be the youngest. The position you want to be in? I think it’s perfect the way it is right now. Since I’m the fourth one between seven, it’s perfectly in the middle. And I’m the second from three sons in our family. Wherever I go, I’m in the center (laughter). There’s really no good or bad point about being the middle. Euhahaha. The easy center.
SJ: Because I’m always the youngest, I think it would be nice to have hyungs and dongsaengs. If I become Hoya hyung, I’m going to dance girl groups when we go on broadcasts (laughter).
When I see shows, Hoya-sshi lasts till the end no matter what and I think his survival skills is good. You’re competitive too, right?
HY: Yes. I was especially competitive when I was younger. Maybe it was because I did many sports like taekwondo and soccer, but I couldn’t stand losing. Was it when I was in my first year of middle school? I went out in a competition at Kyungsang-do as the representative for Changwon. My opponent was way taller than me. I kept getting hit constantly. With the thought that even if I lose, I can’t lose being hit like this, I kicked a very important place and lost with a foul. So the result is that you lost~ Yes, but I felt really pleased at the moment and had no regrets. But now that I look back and think about it, I feel very sorry.
I heard that puberty hit Sungjong-sshi so that the hyungs worried a lot!
SJ: No. It didn’t come.
HY: What do you mean it didn’t come? You have to say that it passed by~
SJ: Even at the smallest things, my stress would get larger and even at the smallest actions, my emotions would become unstable. Sungjong-sshi has times when he gets angry? Because I’m a person, it’s something that would definitely happen. Is there a time where Sungjong-sshi got angry to the point where the hyungs were really surprised?
HY: When you hit his head. Most people would get angry at that~ Then when you hit his butt.
Sungjong-sshi, when are you the most upset with your hyungs?
SJ: When they don’t understand me. When we’re thinking different things or when my words don’t get through well. But besides that, the hyungs take care of my really well. I’m happy to be the youngest.
HY: We watched over him but Sungjong seems to have a lot of stress. He had a lot of schedules by himself and he couldn’t even go to school while kids his age were. He also wanted to see his family. He couldn’t control those confusing emotions and felt lonely a lot. We thought a lot about what we should do. So we talk a lot with him and take care of him so he doesn’t get lonely~ (Laughter)
If there’s a point from each other that you want?
SJ: I want Hoya hyung’s dancing skills. And for his personality, the competitiveness that doesn’t want to lose to someone else! I like a personality where if you have your mind set on it, you must do it.
HY: I… This is hard. Can I send this separately through an e-mail? Sungjong-sshi might cry like this~ Puberty, you know~ Euhaha. Truthfully, we make fun of Sungjongie a lot. We just tease him because the pretty magnae is cute, but if each us of do it, that’s already six comments. But he’s kind to laugh and accept it. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to hold it back!! Our kind magnae, fighting!
SJ: Yes~ Fighting!
Woohyun, who seems to be random and tense today. Although the members say it’s because he hasn’t fully awoken from his sleep and not to pay much attention~ Woohyun’s new random side is just new. The devilish guy that increases in charm the more you see him~ Nam Woohyun, investigate his charms!
The age of dating, don’t you have any thoughts about dating?
Of course I’m at an age where I should be dating. However, I don’t really have thoughts about dating. I always think I’m dating. With.. You’re going to say with your fans again, right. Ah, I got caught. Is this too plain. But my heart is always beating because of our fans and I can’t help but smile brightly. I’m also really thankful that they like me like this. I can get love like this from someone, I get happy if I think something like that.
When you date, what kind of person do you become? I feel like you’ll be really considerate.
Of course. I don’t like fighting. Even if we were to fight, I would just purposely lose. What about when you’re really mad? I just let it fade away. Wouldn’t it explode later on? Well, if we were fighting because of my girlfriend’s mistake, then I would give her a warning. However, I think I could forgive her because when you love, you give out your heart to the point where you become stupid. I don’t think I’m a bad guy. I do a lot of cute acts too. Do you still do your ‘Ju.Bu.Ae? [Aegyo that calls for a punch] Yes, do you want to see? (……….)
If you happen to get a girlfriend, do you think you could openly date?
Yes. However, I think I need to wait 10 more years before getting a girlfriend. Because I have the Inspirits I love. What if your fans get boyfriends first? Oh my god! (-He’s flustered) I’ll take revenge.
Your charm that you still haven’t shown yet?
I think that I’ve shown pretty much everything. And it’s also embarrassing to tell you what my charms are with my own mouth (laughter).
What do you want to do the most when given your own time?
I want to ride an open car and take a drive onto an open road. What if one of the members ask you to take them too? That’ll probably be Sungyeol. Ah, elementary schooler Sungyeol. Then will you go together? Yes, I’ll take him. I won’t be bored if we’re together.
What are you passionately doing now to develop yourself more?
My skin became worse lately so I’m paying attention on taking care of it and something I’m always passionately doing are things in the music area.
A song you want to remake and sing?
Lee Seonhee senior’s ‘I Always For You’. It’s a song I really like. After this song quietly plays, I want to sing it as a rock ballad and make it exciting.
Over the last year.. Something you received and lost?
The definite thing is that I received my dream. And more than anything, the fact that I was allowed to dream together after meeting the Infinite members. There are many things I’ve received. My life changed a lot too. But the thing I lost is my skin. I’m going to die because there are so many troubles with my skin. And because there are rookies coming out, I’m losing fans too. No way~ It’s true. I watched with my own eyes, someone who was normally my fan was running after another singer. If you had to say something to that person? Please listen to ‘Nothing’s Over’. (You can’t meet another guy. You can’t already do that. It’s not the end yet. Nothing’s over~)
The image of Sunggyu singing Jungyeop’s ‘Nothing Better’ at the last fanmeeting is still vivid in my eyes. Sunggyu singing sweetly under the delicate light left a deep impression. Maybe it’s because of his responsibility as the leader, but he doesn’t interfere and stays quietly behind at a place where he doesn’t get seen easily and does his own word. But I could feel the passion emitting from him that he couldn’t hide on the stage, so I liked that difference and my mind went to him.
You started out music as a rock band, would it be too much of a direct question if I asked if you regret coming out as an idol.. Do you have any regrets towards rock music?
I don’t think I regret it. Because I had a lot of fun promoting as a rock band before this, I don’t regret anything. The music I do now is fun and I still have many things to learn. I don’t think any type of music is better. But rather than regretting it, if I am given a chance, I want to retry rock music again.
Then do you have any plans to go on ‘Immortal Song 2’ where they show an idol’s new side and hidden skills?
Ah! I know that program. I think it’ll be fun. But it’s not like I can go on it just because I want to.. If I were to go onto that, I think I would anticipate it a lot because I can show a new side to myself, but I would also be worried. I think it would be good if I were given the chance and could go on it.
Problems that you couldn’t say as the leader?
(To the Sung Brothers who are laughing while reading a book, “You can’t talk like that while hyung’s having an interview. Be quiet, be quiet!”) Something like this. Although it’s better now, my nagging was really bad near our debut time. If our company had to say something, they would tell me and if someone does a mistake, I got lectured as the leader. And because I need to explain this well to the kids, but can’t, I start nagging and while nagging, I feel sorry. Things like these were really tiring.
When do you deeply feel responsibility?
It’s something I feel by myself but… I feel this occasionally when we’re given our own free time to practice. I have to lead well in order to think about how we’ll spend this time wisely along with comforting the members and becoming strength to them.
If you could put down your leader position for just one day, which member would you entrust it to?
I think Woohyun wants to really be the leader. If something happens to me and I’m not able to be the leader, Woohyun would be the one to say ‘Then I’ll do it!’. (Woohyun is nodding his head from the side and saying ‘of course~’) And because I know that, I won’t entrust it to him (laughter). A member that I want to make a leader for once is Dongwoo. Woohyun is doing well as the second oldest. But Dongwoo is doing really bad as the second oldest right now (laughter). It’s a joke! I think he would be a different leader from me. A kind leader who’s really considerate and listens well to someone else’s words. But that’s just saying if, of course I would keep being the leader (laughter).
Although I couldn’t express it to members, a time when I was really thankful was?
…. (Do you not have?) No, no!! There are so many that I’m thinking it over. I’m always thankful, but there was a time when my body was severely bad. Because it was an important time with our debut in front of us, we were practicing our choreography and I became so sick that red spots started forming on my face and in the end, I went to the emergency room. I just thought of how the members were really shocked at that time and worried a lot for me.
Then as the leader, when looking at the members coldly, where do you see their potential to be at?
I think it’s infinite. Because we’ve improved a lot up to here, even I’m anticipating how far we can go. Sungyeolie prepared a lot for this album. Because it was time to finally show off their skills, Sungjongie and L improved a lot in singing as well. Woohyun became able to sing with more sturdy vocals and our rapping friends~ Hoya and Dongwoo are the same as well. I think that their potential is infinite. Are you content? Yes, very much! Content to a point where it’s unbelievable.

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