Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Second Twitter Crusade

   Jaejung showed class yet again. It's been few days since he tweeted:
“I don’t know if I should be saying this… I miss Yunho and Changmin… No matter what anyone says, they’re our members and I know them better than anyone else… People might say it’s pointless in saying this but… I want to see them again. It’s been a while.”

He added:
“Junsu always wakes up before the members and gets his hair and make up done before the tired members. He has always been like that for the past eight years. It’s his sincerity that has allowed us to exist, and I hope to learn from him as a friend and co-worker.
There’s a lot to learn from him in a lifetime.”
“Yoochun is always in the middle. He stands in the middle of the members and watches over everyone, which is why we never have any time to feel that we’re alone. He’s one of the most spirited members and he shares that spirit with us so that we feel comfort during difficult times.”
“I have to do better.. That’s what our Junsu and Yoochun make me think. They’re greedy, hoo hoot!”

   Well, this somehow stands in contrast with what Changmin said once - that he feels like punching them in the face. For the reasons unknown.
All I can say is - class and big heart didn't save anyone in this world, so I'm not a hyperventilating fangirl dreaming that there is
 no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world 
Oops, my bad, someone already said that. Anything changed? Nope. And it won't. But at least it's good someone can show the class to those who don't have it. 
Also, I wasn't very fond of the feud between cassies and Avex chairman via twitter few days ago. Fact, he closed his account because he's an asshole and he earned all what was coming his way, but somehow the method chosen by cassies also wasn't very neat. This is why international JYJ fanclubs did better - they filled an official complain to KBS. This is a mature behavior.
Back to the point, being classy doesn't save anyone, but at least let you keep the dignity when all the shit of this world is coming your way. And dignity, as we all know after watching Singing In The Rain, is everything that some people have left.
The proof below: