Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daesung drama

   No, no What's Up! and I don't think it will air any time soon. Finally, after few months of battling and court orders, the sad issue is coming to the closure. In May, he was involved in a car accident when he inadvertently struck the motorcyclist on the highway. The experts said that death of the man was the ultimate result of the hitting. YG dealing with the accident was just beyond any sane mind, luckily Daesung himself has shown more class. 
I didn't report anything waiting for the final settlement of this case.
As much as it's sad that someone died, I don't think Daesung should be convicted at all.

And not because he's the nicest out of Big Bang. 

A representative told OSEN regarding the settlement, “On July 19th, Daesung and the victim’s family reached a settlement. The victim’s family have expressed that they do not seek charges against Daesung, and that they felt sympathy for him. They also told him not to agonize over the issue, and that they would like to see him be more active soon.”