Monday, July 11, 2011

Mr. Cha again

But what can I do when I read any interview with this man. Highest respect, really.

Hancinema is mah fwiend:
Actor Cha Seung-won is a very thorough actor. His character as Dok Go-jin in the MBC drama "The Greatest Love" wasn't achieved without effort.

According to him there were good actors and actresses, a good script and his elaborate effort to make this shapeless character come to life.

Cha Seung-won likes to divide his time. This habit seems like to come naturally from when he was active as a model.

He said, "I don't stay still even in my free time. I read books or watch a movie or meet people I haven't seen in a while. I must spend my time doing something. I always write a diary too. If I couldn't write in it for a week then I still have to recall what I did everyday and take note of it. I still have my past diaries saved. My mental states have been recorded in my diaries, and now that I look at them I realize how trivial they were although it was tough then".
He is also famous for saving his scripts. "I write down notes about what I think about the script when I first get it. I think of it as reflecting myself in the scripts. I write anything and everything down. I compare and contrast different thoughts about a scene".

Lim Ji-gyoo who played the role of his manager in the drama and spent two or so months with him said, "The way he practices a single word over and over again makes you exclaim naturally. I learnt that an actor can become more abundant, that a scene can die or be highlighted according to the actor and that a single line can be even more than what it is with more practice".

It is surprising that his pleasurable acting resulted from his detailed and careful directing. What is the reason he is so persistent? Cha Seung-won said although it's been 12 years since he started acting, it is still very difficult".
"I don't mean I don't like acting but it means that it is that much hard and not easy. I started it because I like it but it is difficult and the more I do the more I think more about it. Imagine how difficult it must be to put in all those thoughts? Acting is like that for me".

His judgment of good and bad as perfectionist when it comes to acting is odd even for his personality. He is also seemed bad tempered. However, he is also greedy.

"I admit I am a selfish person. I don't like losing to anyone and especially to myself. I don't want to be embarrassed by myself no matter what I do. That is my biggest principle".