Friday, July 22, 2011

JYJ - making biiig waves

   They are even featured in latest JoongAngIlbo board. 
 I guess everyone saw that coming. Everyone EXCEPT for KBS and perhaps SMEnt. With this issue, procrastinating beyond anyone's limits of patience, both SMEnt and Korea may lose a lot. I don't think all of those eggheads there realize how strong is the support for the weak. The more they block JYJ, the more normal people will criticize them. One may not like their music, one may not be a fan or even don't really care for their career, but this case may prove that JYJ suddenly stands for something more than just their names and music.
Boys did the first bold decision by suing SMEnt and splitting from the group. Moreover, they are steady with their decision despite all shit that is coming their way. And it comes fast and it comes in great amounts.
I can only hope they will remain strong and focused. And healthy, because this is all they need. The love and support from various, sometimes music/Korea-unrelated people, they got already.

Overseas fans of JYJ are so furious the group’s performance at a concert promoting Jeju Island was canceled that they say they’ll stop supporting the island and Korea altogether.

JYJ, a boy band made up of three former TVXQ members, was scheduled to perform on Wednesday in a concert in support of the island’s bid to be named one of the New7Wonders of Nature. But four days before the performance, KBS canceled JYJ’s appearance. Some suspect that SM Entertainment, TVXQ’s agency, pressured the station to ditch JYJ.

JYJ fans, in turn, have unleashed unbridled anger at KBS and the entire country. Sixteen overseas fan clubs, including USAlovesJYJ, released a joint statement Wednesday condemning the decision. Many overseas fans had made travel plans to see JYJ perform on Jeju.

One fan commented on a YouTube video of JYJ, “Isn’t it ridiculous to have them as an honorary ambassador but stop them [from] showing [at] their function? Only make use of their popularity? I now know how Korea treats their people. It is very disappointing!”

Other commenters said they will never visit Jeju, while others claimed they will stop buying Korean products.

By Sohn Hanna