Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is Kim Jonghyeon post

   Deal with that.
Some people don't like this young man, and me... well, his talent puts me in sheer awe. I wouldn't mind if he started all jazzy, bossa-nova sounds and I would pre-order any. Damn, as for him, I would even become indie, dance or other crap fan. So for today, I'd like to present maybe less known, not polished and raw videos of him singing live. Because I have my theory saying that only when listening to a song performed on stage, we can judge someone's talent or lack of it. This is why I became sworn supporter of INFINITE's young men, and this is why Jonghyeon, and Junsu as well, are on my daily list. I would be a hypocrite if I didn't acknowledge also Onew's singing, they are both good in SHINee, and although I like Key, he's not a match for those two, sorry^^'

   If someone says that one hates the way he sings, I say: Good Riddance! Your life will be devoid of art and barren as Antarctica's plains. But of course, everyone is entitled to own opinion.
But I have absolute right to turn this world into Jonghyeon's Kingdom and throw whole universe under his feet!

In My Room:

Jonghyeon Solo Live 7 years of Love 2009-10-26:

Jonghyeon - Nothing Better (2008):

Jonghyeon - Melancholy Letter (fancam, 2010-12-14):

Jonghyeon - 혜야:

The same song but 2 years earlier (can't decide which version I like best, perhaps this one):

SHINee: AMIGO (rock version) 2011:

Jonghyeon - One's Way Back (2011-06-04):

 Jonghyeon - Lonely Night (2011-06-18):

Jonghyeon - Left-hander (2011-06-11):

(be prepared for 0:50 moment, keke)

And finally the song that made Kpop-indifferent VIP go ballistic:

Million Scarlet Roses (2011-06-04):