Thursday, July 07, 2011


   In theory - lots of free time. Practically - few hours by night. But drama summer looks interesting enough to give up the sleep. Few dramas that started in spring or late spring will continue, of course, but the line up looks mighty impressive. When Miss Ripley ends its run, Gyebaek starts. And I find it kind of funny, because in Gyebaek one small role has also Park Yuhwan, the little brother of our international sweetie, Yucheon. Anyway, Gyebaek's actors front looks great:

Lee Seo Jin 
Jo Jae Hyun 
Cha In Pyo
Oh Yun Soo
Jun Noh Min
Kim Yoo Suk
Jo Sang Ki
Kim Jin Ho
Ahn Kil Kang
Park Yoo Hwan
Park Eun Bin
Jin Tae Hyun

See, after "Bad Guy" movie, Jo Jaehyun can scare me shitless any given time... I'm scared already.