Friday, July 15, 2011

SMEnt's Thank You

   Looks like a big, insensitive moloch made a move that gives a human touch to it. Nah, it's just splatter of blood on it, that doesn't make you human. Nevertheless, it's a nice move. And in the same time, I'm reading that fans around the world are demanding another concert in Machu Picchu or Samoa. I don't think most of fans know how costly is one concert like that? SMEnt doesn't do anything half-heartedly in terms of musical department. So the costs are astronomical. Even though I'm holding a grudge over JYJ issue I wanted to go, despite being close to sacrifice my whole paycheck on it (1/5 of SHINee is worth it. And here comes the end of me). 10 minutes after the opening of the sales, there were no tickets left. But I didn't demand to do another concert on the hills 5 kilometers from my place. They chose Paris because it was in the middle. So stop complaining. In November there will be another huge concert in Australia, so people from both Americas and Asia can go. And maybe, maybe there will be another? Who knows? We are living in a world that changes very quickly.