Friday, July 01, 2011

I Haven't Fallen For You

   First episode bored me to death. I'd say - kick the kids, because they:
1. Can't act
2. Are irritating
3. Behave like half-morons (at best)
4. I mentioned they can't act??
and leave all in the capable hands of older, more experienced actors. It would have been quite good drama revolving around the school as it is, and teachers, and putting the traditional music into modern life. Instead we will get another teenage problems.
Fangirls, please refrain from reading.

   And no, Jung Yonghwa didn't learn to act at all. Throughout the whole episode he had one face. He fits perfectly into the description of it - He is known for his good looks and his strong passion for music, but is in reality a cold person who is uninterested in non-music related things and has no dreams nor plans for the future (dramawiki). Well, so far so good, but I fear those days he will HAVE to express something else than lack of affection. I couldn't stop giggling while seeing him here. The same lenient smile I had while watching Midas, and seeing No Minwu's acting. But hell, he's Dennis Hopper comparing to Stupid leader (don't stone me, it's the name of the band he is part of, perfect for maiking jokes). The difference is that Midas had solid plot and good actors, so I could just bear Minwu's moments.
I was never a big fan of Park Shinhye's acting, and some of her moments reminded me of YAB so much, I had to ask myself "what the hell drama I'm watching right now?!"

   The girls are shown as one dimentional fangirls... oops, I wanted to say idiots, behaving like cats in March. 
And of course we had the tragedy in the first episode, also, the hardships of our main characters, and their conflict with the world. "No one knows the real me", "No one knows my pain!", "You will never be able to understand me!". Oh well, I sometimes don't understand the vending machine, and this is pretty much similar drama to it.

   And I repeat what i said few times - it's such a waste of Song Chang-ui talent. He was probably scouted here just because he is also a musical actor, and among all those singing/performing "artists" he may be seen as a real artist, that adds some value to the drama. I'd like to continue this for him, and also the other teachers, because their lives seem the most interesting for me here.

   Not every drama has to be solemn and with meaning to change the world (eradicate the famine in Africa, educate poor kids in Guatemala, protect the forests, send Korean actors to Europe once a year, you know usual unrealistic wishes...), but for the viewers sake - don't treat us like half-brain emotionally unstable teenagers, because the demographic of viewers is diverse! I don't mind silly drama, I don't mind cliche drama (I feel so safe knowing what's going to happen, in a way), but give me all that on DECENT ACTING plate!  Then I can eat everything!
   To sum up - this is your free choice, but I don't think world will be any different if you skip this drama. And with this optimistic accent, I'm going to watch City Hunter.