Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Princess Man - pics and stuff

   Looks like this drama joined the elite club of dramas with most lavish and pricey costumes along with Gung and Queen Seondeok (yes, I wanted to rip that deep violet Mishil's dress and hide somewhere, and then wear it. I wanted to rip off Bidam's clothes too, but with other use in mind, ekhem...). But true, I'd like to rip them off... and... and... Ah that was a bad idea to even start on this rant. 12.50 am, few drinks, great evening, and I mean... Oh, and the trailer. Yes, the trailer...
Oh, and I bet Park Shihu comes to set on time, Lee Sunjae may rest assured, he's a serious one, keke (since both of gentlemen are in this drama, heh)
Yes, I'm mean towards someone. So what?

Ah well...

And pics: