Saturday, April 02, 2011

Some music videos

And so my youth is wasted right in front of PC listening to some music and watching videos. This is why I prefer winamp playlist. And it looks like it will grow today.
I present some videos and music that I've been listening to lately. Yes, I have a weakness for Yi Seungyeol and TEI. Not to mention W&Whale. I just can't get enough of Moon Madness...
And I added some jazz album as well for one special lady^^.

First, new projects from Handsome People (Tei!) and W&Whale, covers of Camomille:

핸섬피플 (Handsome People) - 세계로 가는 기차

Just loved the intro. I have something for acapella singing, and even though I may not be that fond of the entire project, and even though TEI's voice is too smooth here, I DON'T care.

더블유앤웨일 (W & Whale) - 사랑한 후에

(I still have shivers...)

W&Whale - '월광(月狂)(Moonlight) : MBC Drama '케세라세라(Que sera sera)'

(that makes me want to watch this drama again. Great OST!! And, as for me, great drama.)

이승열(Yi Sungyeol) - '우리는' : MBC Drama '케세라세라(Queserasera)' 


Yi SungYol (이승열) - 'Stand 4 U' from the drama "Spot Light" OST

Yi SungYol (이승열) - '파도' from the movie "해안선" OST

Lyrics finder of Korean songs 노래가사가 궁금할 땐 for those who like to know what's going on.

And for one special lady - a jazz album of Insooni:
Insooni_Jazz_2003 - this is very nice album. It's lossless, so quite big.