Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gutter, the best place for me... gutter...

Paraphrasing D'Artagnan, yes... 
Suddenly my PC decided it would play HD files, so I'm so heppey!
Therefore, Tei's cut is quite of the volume (almost 400 Mb), but it's worth it. He got nr 1 score once more. But I also liked Im Jeonghee's aria. She managed to do the difficult staccato part well. 

Tei's cut just for the viewing purposes I downsized. The link leads to big version.
Apart from it, I'm also adding some music, perhaps because next week I won't have time to do it.

And... I guttered myself out again. In Section TV they had some ranking of the most charismatic characters and actresses. Nr 5 was Ko Hyeonjeong, and they showed a bit of Namgil-nim. I know, nothing big, but don't EVER try to reason with the mind of woman in love. Even though I know those vids inside out... (commercial break: New shower gel "Pure" cleanses your body and mind! Only now, with the purchase of 2 bottles, you get a poster of half naked... *mind malfunction*) ... 
What was I talking about? Ah yes. Gutter.


And one of my favorite Maya's songs: