Saturday, April 16, 2011

Few news

   Finally I have few minutes to spare and... yes, I was hit by Ripley right away. Why, oh why it had to be LDH??
First good news is the fact that Tears of Amazon won the silver medal at the 54th New York Festivals.(after Chosun Ilbo: The New York Festivals, one of the world's leading media competitions, grants awards to creative and innovative TV programs, commercials and films through five competitions)
Some of you may ask why I'm even reporting a documentary on half-naked Indian tribe and Amazon River environment? Well, Kim Namgil-nim!! He was the narrator for it, keke^^
OK, for the movie version, but still. Am I finding any excuse? Yup.

The second news... omo, even fans of some actors are normal:
Park Si-hoo's overseas fans prepared a special gift in time for his birthday.
His Chinese fan club 'By Duba' donated 10 million won in scholarship to 23 students in the Chinese Winan area. This place has already been known for the library in Park Si-hoo's name, established last year.
These fans have also donated money and bags with school supplies to 250 elementary school students last year July, continuously supporting Park Si-hoo's chances of advancement into the Chinese community.
A fan who took part in the good deed said, "We heard he went back to school and is studying hard so we decided to do this. It was also his birthday so it should have a bigger meaning for all of us".
Park Si-hoo responded, "I've had my birthday with fans every year but this year I celebrated it with my family. But I am thankful for those who didn't forget and I will return the favor soon".
Meanwhile, Park Si-hoo, who was in the drama "Queen of Reversals", is currently attending the Hanyang University and is waiting for the next project. (hancinema)