Thursday, April 07, 2011

In May I May Be Busy

   As we all, dear idiot, as we all. But in terms of drama as well. First, Miss Ripley. So.. what we were talking about? Yucheon, right... But finally Kang Jihwan has cleared his situation and is coming back with new drama. Unfortunately, not Faith (so yeah, I drop that, Lee Philip is not much of a magnet as for me), but Lie To Me. That reminds me of some song titled like that and the line from it:
So lie to me
But do it with sincerity
Make me listen
Just for a minute
Make me think
There's some truth in it
 I'm not sure if the drama will be as twisted as those lines, since it is described as comedy. Oh, Jihwan and Eunhye are good in a comedy, so I'm not afraid.
Miss Ripley is another issue that would set me ablaze again, so I don't want to think of that horror before the horror come. The drama is scheduled to be Midas follow-up, and scheduled to be aired on may 6th. Hmm... that means Midas will get an extention? Or what? I wouldn't mind though, I'm enjoying Midas like he... I mean, like strawberries.
There is also City Hunter.

Eh well, if anything else fails in this drama, hell, there is Minho. Swimming Minho.

For those who don't know what the heck I'm talking about referring to Lie To Me, two videos, in case EMI restricts the first one in your country (that reminds me of... La Revista Della Televisione with Vinni Vedecci... muwahaha!!)

And live version (ah, Alan... ~~swooooon~~)