Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Festival of Flying Pink Elephants

   And this ain't Monthy Python Flying Circus. This is Kdrama Flying Circus.
Yes, mocking post ahead, save yourself!
Among many dramas I'm anticipating either with terror (Miss Ripley) or with delight (Lie To Me), or just with shallow fangirl flutter about nekkid Minho (oh wait, he won't be nekkid? Who Lied To Me??) there is this drama I swear I will watch the first episode as unbiased as I can. But honestly, how can anyone stay unbiased reading something like this: 
Lee Shin (age 21) is a university student majoring in modern music. He is the vocalist of band "The Stupid" and also plays the guitar. He is known for his good looks and for his strong passion for music.However, he is a cold person and is uninterested in things non-music related. He has no dreams nor plans for the future. In the drama, he initially likes a dance professor at his university. But it is all going to change as he meets Lee Kyu-Won (starring Park Shin Hye).
Lee Kyu Won (age 21) is a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family, and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum. She is a very outgoing. Kyu Won's grandfather, Lee Dong-gun is one of the top 3 traditional music singers of his age. And his biggest wish is to have his grand-daughter trained to become a traditional music child-prodigy in 10 years' time. Trying to live up to her grandfather's expectations, Kyu-Won immenses herself in traditional music training and becomes a university student who knows nothing about anything besides traditional music.As Kyu Won's friends are fans of "The Stupid", she was forced to go to the band's concert with them and there she saw Lee Shin, performing live. She is immediately captivated by him.(dramawiki)

I agree on the band name, though.

  Did Korea somehow run out of ideas for drama? There is so many talented people, and even fans are creating better scripts than those people. Maybe broadcast PDs should open a website where fans could pour their imagination? Millions of viewers, thousands of ideas (well, yes, some fans just display pure content in repeating "kyaa" in many variations after other fans), so why, oh why create a drama that sounds like a bad mixture of bad dramas?

Conversation between Jeong Yonghwa agent (JYA), Park Shinhye agent (PSA), Drama Director (DD), Writer (W):

Writer: Our drama will take place in a music school, because as we all know, Korea is filled with those, and every second boy or girl attend such holy place of music. The tone of this production will be suspiciously light at the beginning, but in the second half, we discover the terryfying truth about the school and some students as well. The school is built on the place of an ancient graveyard...

Director: Oh no! We can't associate beautiful sounds of music with such unsightly thought! This could bring unnecessary complications to the script and actors. Instead of smiling and occasional frowning, they will have to act! Act terrified people, I meant! Can you imagine?

PSA: And I absolutely won't allow any dirty secrets for Park Shinhye. She's Korea's sweetheart! She can't have any dirty secrets, nothing to grime her image!

JYA: I oppose as well. Why we can't focus on showing our young, talented crew perform music? But to do this, I have to contact light operators to ensure they will always enhance Yonghwa's minam-ness.

W: But we can't make a drama without the tension! There has to be some secret, you know. Maybe we can make PS character interested in traditional music of gisaengs? And maybe we can show her fantasies about living in Joseon times and playing the gayageum for the...


JYA: I demand at least one song per episode performed by our main boy. Plus, since we decided to cast another member of CNDull in the drama, I suggest all remaining members should make a cameo. Or even two cameos. Of course, I don't have to explain that OST will be recorded by our band, right?

DD (musing): Maybe we should also cast Kim Hyeonjung? This could boost up the ratings immensely.

JYA (clenching his fists): No! In this drama, there is place for only one honey-haired guy and it ain't Kim!

DD: But... but... we need to have some second lead. To add a romantic tension between our star-fated lovers. (after a moment of thought) On the other hand, we can make music their rivals! Imagine - career or lover! What a passion! What a despair! What unfortunate life of talented people!!

PSA: Shinhye can absolutely be not involved in any threesome! Not any pentagram! She will portray a pure girl who never experienced love. This will capture the hearts of the young audience who can sympathize with her. Clad in brand clothes and wearing Louboutins, of course - to enhance her perfect goddess-from-the-Olympus figure!

JYA: Yonghwa will also portray a cold guy who thinks only about his music and guitar... (thinking for a moment)... OK, maybe not guitar, but the next song he wants to compose. He will express his feelings on the stage, singing for the girl. This is better than standing with a boombox anyway. And then they will kiss!

PSA: NO!! I allow only for a peck! And in the last episode!! With open eyes!! Remember, we don't want her to look like a cheap, sleazy girl that she's not!

W: And maybe we can also cast Jang Geunsuk as the guy who in order to study gayageum has to disguise himself as a girl? Then he falls in love with PS' character and is torn between hanbo... I mean his love for gayageum and his true identity? We can make him sacrifice himself for his love. Either of them.

DD: He can make a cameo.

These are the thoughts of a slightly tipsy annoyed lady. Why mainstream drama motives are so overused? Are writers or directors afraid of tackling more unexplored topics the way Jungle Fish did? Why another music drama instead of allowing the one that is finished? (What's Up!
Eh... hope the future won't look as bad as the synopsis of this drama.
I used it as an example.