Friday, April 08, 2011

New Tales of Gisaeng: Finally!!

   One word: kyaaa!! I was cleaning my flat while watching Midnight Entertainment, and suddenly I heard the music I like so much. Good thing I didn't hold anything hot or heavy. Ahahaha!! Finally, NToG is getting the recognition it deserves. Beautiful drama, perfect shooting, great, not typical characters! And the music, costumes... ah...
I was wondering why SBS didn't promote this drama as heavily as others. I mean, both Midas and 49 Days were everywhere. Not to mention Secret Garden. Oh hell, this one was milked in 100 ways. But somehow long dramas are not that hyped. The same thing is with Twinkle Twinkle. I only run into the interview with the cast (not Yuhwan, though) some time ago for the first time. Too bad.
Oh well, I know, those are not idol-filled, mind-not-required kind of drama. Plus, NToG is one of the most "over-talked" drama I have seen. Some people were complaining that Goong was boring because of the talk. Hehe, try this one! I like slow drama, with talking, but with characters that actually can reflect upon their own acts.

   I know why Goong may seem boring to some people. Instead of showing cutsy-futsy moments between characters, it allowed main couple to be apart for long hours of watching. During this time, both of them matured, they realized what they want and whom they love. It is cheezy, fine, so what?
But this is why the intimate moments in Goong felt so real. Because both of them (Chaekyeong and Shin) had to acknowledge their feelings, and what's more important - the feelings of other party. Their love didn't spring out of the fascination, but rather was carved out. 
Back to Gisaeng...
Oh, poor Damo... poor, logical, rational Damo...

The video:

And few stills:

Please show me a kdrama where a lady hugs a man first.