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JYJ - takeoff

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And although I missed boys singing in Korean, I feel they are somehow off. Yucheon, my dear, either hit the studio again, and train more, or just give it up and appear on the screen! I can't believe this is the same deep-voiced vocal that took me instantly long, long time ago. Eh... But you know what they say - once a fan, forever a fan.
Gayshas and Divas excluded.

Kim Jae Joong presented his own song he wrote himself on the stage where he had prepared as a stage director. A daughter of Thailand's prime minister attended as an audience member.
As JYJ (Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun, and Kim Jun Soo) began singing their song entitled "Be My Girl," around 11,000 audience members stood up from their seats as if they had promised to do so in advance. Fans enthusiastically provided a flash mob performance by dancing along to the song together. This happened during the first performance that was held as a part of the "JYJ World Tour Concert 2011" at Bangkok Impact Arena on April 3.

Kim Jae Joong worked as a chief director for stage preparation, and the group sang 80 percent of their songs that had been released from last year under the name of the JYJ including the album “The Beginning,” music essay album “Their Rooms,” and four new songs. During the world concert tour, they will sing their own songs on a stage prepared by themselves, which is very unique to an idol group, and they are expected to make a large impact on their fans overseas.

Their performance was splendid. They made a large square stage where the audience could take seats inside four small squares. When the audience made a wave of red luminous light with cheering tools, a strong green laser beam soared into the air, and members of JYJ suddenly appeared on the stage by jumping from below the stage. The audience gave a thunderous shout and their cheering sound lasted for two hours from the moment when JYJ sang their first song “Empty” to the end of the show. Members sang the songs “Nine” and “Pierrot” consecutively, and made their first introductory remarks in Thai, saying “Hello.” They expressed their resolution during the concert that they would do their best, and they enthusiastically continued their performance. When the audience members responded to their greeting remarks, the stage with the name of “Fallen Leaves” suddenly changed to yellow due to the yellow cheering tools that the audience members were holding. When the group sang their song, the audience members all sang along to the song together. In addition, Kim Jae Joong sang Thailand’s national children’s song entitled “Elephant Song” in Thai as he had already promised to sing in Thai during their last showcase in Thailand, the audience gave a loud ovation for his song sung in Thai. The audience was enraptured when JYJ sang the song “Untitled Song Part.1” that was released for the first time in a live performance.
The lyrics of the song contained their feelings that the group members had when they decided to debut again as JYJ. Park Yoo Chun fired off raps for almost eight minutes while lying on a couch and the audience responded with thunderous applause. Kim Jae Joong presented a sexy dance performance with female dancers when he sang the song “Still in Love” as his solo performance. Kim Jun Soo showed off his manly charms while singing the song entitled “I Can Soar” in sleeveless shirts. The highlight of the concert was when the group members sang their own songs that were released for the first time in front of their fans. Those four songs “Boy’s Letter,” ”You’re,” ”Get Out,” and “In Heaven” that group members participated in producing as lyric writers and composers were sung at the end of the concert and during encore performances. In particular, when JYJ sang the pop dance song "Get Out" that was composed by Kim Jae Joong, the entire audience stood up and danced along to the cheerful rhythm of the song, which made the concert hall appear as a grand-scale club. JYJ members performed even more enthusiastically than before as if they had felt the importance of the performances during the difficult moment they had to go through. After they finished their performances, the audience members did not stop chanting the name "JYJ."

One of their fans in Thailand named Supumnya (36) said, "I have listened to K-POP for the last ten years, and I think that JYJ is the best among the Korean singing groups because they can produce their own songs." Another fan from Japan named Saito Asako (33) said, "I could see how Kim Jae Joong had directed the stage preparation and I think that today's stage was made based on his thorough understanding of their fans."

Many local companies in Thailand such as Fanta and Siam Paragon participated as sponsors for JYJ's concert tour in Thailand. A staff member from Thailand named Julalak Mahabunpacai (23) said, "As many fans from abroad would attend the concert as audience members, seven Thai companies competitively participated in supporting the concert. There were also around 40 news reporters from Thailand, Japan, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong to cover the news of JYJ's concert, and they were all in a great frenzy to get the story." A total of 22,000 audience members including 20 entertainers in Thailand and a daughter of the prime minister of Thailand participated in the two-days concert in Thailand from April 2 to 3.
JYJ will continue their concert tour by holding performances in a total of eight cities: Taipei, Taiwan on April 23; Beijing, China on May 7; Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Vancouver in May and June; and Busan in Korea on June 11 and 12.
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