Tuesday, April 05, 2011

JYJ synonym

The Oxford Dictionary classifies JYJ as the synonym to "troubles" used by some group of well... users. As for the origin of this word, let me quote it: "The use of JYJ in the sense of troubles comes probably from the proto-group original language called SMEnt-ese. This language, still used by few remnants of then-so-powerful habitants of Han River basin, is characterised by a very complex syntax and unique semantics that make the sentences incomprehensible to anyone outside the highly acquainted group of users". Examples of usage: Oh, I read some JYJ on the Nate! (meaning: I read that there has been some troubles in the Korean Entertainment world again).

Contemporary usage in the form of News cut below.

I added also a cut with Ha Jeongwu (lalala^^)

Ha Jeongwu

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Ha Jeongwu^^