Saturday, April 16, 2011

10 Best Couples

  Accoding to Entertainment Weekly, episode aired today. Well, the place nr 1 isn't exactly the biggest surprise mehehe...
List gathered with pics by yours truly.

From nr 10 to nr 1.
Building up the anticipation.

10. Lovers in Paris (Park Shin-yang & Kim Jeong-eun)

9. Secret Garden (Hyeon Bin & Ha Jiwon)

8. Coffee Prince (Gong Yu & Yun Eunhye)

7. I'm Sorry I Love You (So Jisub & Im Sujeon)

6. Fugitive (Bi & Yi Nayeong)

5. Dream High (Wuyeong & IU)

4. Shining Cra... Inheritance (Yi Seunggi & Han Hyoju)

3. IRIS (Yi Byeongheon & Kim Taehee)

2. Winter Sonata (Bae Yongjun & Choi Jiwu)

1. Pasta (Yi Seongyun & Kong Hyojin)

   Well, I can agree with some of those choices, mainly Pasta, Coffee Prince and I'm Sorry I Love You. I would add few other choices and Lovers in Paris I would replace just by Lovers. They also mentioned not usual couples, namely Won Bin and Kim Saeron (Ajusshi) and Song Junggi and Yu Ah In (Seongkyunkwan Scandal). In newest dramas there is Ah Damo and Dan Saran (New Gisaeng Tales), and every couple in Family's Honor could make it into the list (well, Park Shihu has a great chemistry with each of his fellow actresses, so he could make it as well).
I don't understand Dream High couple here. The problem with this drama is (well, there are a lot of them) the fact it will be forgotten in few years time. It's nothing universal, it's just caught in the momentum of those idols spotlight - kind of drama.