Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bad Westerner

   Some time ago I terrorized my ladies by sending one link to them. Yes, The Princess An-An pictures link (you may click on it if: a) you haven't eaten past 2 hours, b) have nothing to lose, c) you are extremely bored, d) nothing can scare you). Now I found that my mocking was actually true to the bone. An-An, the magazine that features sometimes half-naked Japanese men started to show girls on the cover. And inside. Actually Princess made a breakthrough. Right now, KARA is on the cover, but who knows what future brings? But no, I have nothing against it. I don't really care for An-An anyway. Good to see the changes. 
Comparing to us, Balrog is just a pre-schooler.

Speaking of Princess, she... ekhem... he launched new iPhone app for a better communication with his fans eels. 
Just don't get his popularity, seriously. The latest drama was an epitome of crap. It's all about selling what fan(girl)s want to buy.

And now something else, something nice.
CF video link thanks to Aili^^ Now I can't stop watching it. You bad woman, you!

Looks like Junsu will be casted in Mozart reprise, keke. Good. He will have the chance to practise his low tones. Picture below is composed with 4 actors playing Mozart in the musical. Each one of them expresses different emotion.

And two weird, but nice pics (yes, Y biased, so?)