Tuesday, April 19, 2011

May 9th


   Yes, I have some spare time. This is why I had enough time to look up some pics in the previous post. Meanwhile, my also busy sis took two pics for me. Aww^^
But yes, I'm not in a sugary mood. Actually, I'm in my normal, regular mood. That means - run, if you don't like it.

First of all, May 9th is somehow so far away, but when it actually comes, I will be sh*tting bricks because I will be probably unprepared for the upcoming big, international conference. So far, I'm warching drama and reading some websites. Closing them before I start poking my lappie screen with a knife. On this day, my dear fellows, a new drama starts. But not your average drama. With two main psychos of Kdramaland. That is - Kang Jihwan and Yun Eunhye. I know a certain lady who is waiting for it even more nervously, keke^^
Those two can wreck a havoc perfectly. Eunhye is like a twister, and her characters just go through her male counterparts' lives leaving the trail of smoke and ashes.
Jihwan is another story. There is no one as crazy as him. He can jump from a calm, lazy purring kitty to the blind with madness panther (puma? cheetah? nevermind).

I fear your feminity, O, The Diva!

I don't give a rat's ass about The Diva!

The other news? Yes, annoyed me read that there will be a documentary on Hyeon Bin's military training and stuff. You know, army cantine and why they give bean soup with bacon on Thursdays only. I like Hyeon Bin, but this is just too much for me. Why Namgil-nim didn't have it? I could watch him talking about scrubbing the toilets! But then again... no, no again. 
According to Hancinema: A member of the Marines said, "There have been too many requests here and there so we decided to open up to the Korean military channel KFN, Korean policy channel KTV and KBS". Granted, Namgil-nim is not in the Marines. Grr...

Other news: 
according to Hancinema:
The film "The Journals of Musan" by Korean director Park Jung-bum won the grand prize at the Off Plus Camera Festival in Kraków, Poland on Saturday, according to film distributor Jinjin Pictures.
Now in its fourth year, the annual festival specializes in experimental and independent films. "The Journals of Musan" was the only Asian film among 12 in the competition.
The Korean film has picked up several prizes, including the Jury Prize at the 13th Deauville Asian Film Festival, New Currents award at Pusan International Film Festival, Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the Grand Prize at the Marrakech International Film Festival. It was released in Korea last Thursday.
I feel good about it.

And last, but definitely not least, Jang The Diva Geunseok seems to be toning down her... errm, his image lately. No girly clothes, but tight-fit S-line enhancing suits, well, ajumma hair still, but no bra. I fear this may be the calm before the storm as his tour or single or whatever starts April 27th. He was chosen as... wait for it... Most Influential Korean Artist in Asia at the 15th China Music Award and Asian Influential Awards (CMA) held in Chengdu, China, Friday. Ekhem... good there was no "Male" in the title.
I just wonder how they define "influential", and I'm not sure if they didn't mistake it with "influenza". That would make sense. Cause I feel sick whenever I see this most influenzal person. And yes, I wanted to be her... errm his fan, long, long time ago. Eh, happy I'm not.

And just happy 21st Birthday to Im Suhyang (I enjoy her Dan Saran so much^^)

And two pics my sister sent me today^^

She said those idiots didn't want to cooperate and future fame had... well, you know where.
Ah damn, I just want to huuuuug'em!!