Thursday, April 21, 2011

Secret marriage, secret talent

   All Korean websites are buzzing today with news on Yi Jiah and Seo Taiji divorce. Why? Because no one even knew they were married. Getting any other news is not that easy today. 
Divorce aside, it happens, but keeping the marriage secret for years? I read they could meet in private only in US, so they spent some time there. Let me ask it one more time: WTF??

   Rumors and speculations started as well now. Now everyone links her soon-to-be-ex-husband with her roles she got. She was called "an alien without a name" by netizens when she debuted.
See, normally I wouldn't even care, but LJA is a complete failure as an actress. She can't act, and yet she starred alongside Bae Yongjun in Legend. That was a hell of a bad drama anyway.
Hence the title of this post. Surely, if she kept the marriage safe, maybe she was keeping some hidden talent as well? Because it wasn't acting gift for sure. So well hidden even she doesn't know about it?
I'm not judging the divorce though, and even the affair with Jeong Wuseong. Not sure if he knew about her situation, and maybe if he did, her marriage could be frosty for some time already.

What really irritates me in this situation is the fact of the overwhelming contacts and relations that allow even talentless and below mediocre people become "stars". Some others may work their asses off and still won't be offered good roles. 
And I wouldn't mind the contacts also, if, IF the person was talented. This way many other people were discovered. They were seen by someone who knew someone and so on. 
We had the discussion on it a bit on D-A.

So yes, the report ends here.