Sunday, April 03, 2011

Prettier Than Girls

  In today's Section TV there was a ranking (as always), but this time the topic was: Prettier Than Girls. Too bad G-Dragon and Taemin didn't make it, kekeke. The winner is also predictable.
The list, gathered with pics by yours truly, is below.

So, from 12 to the 1st place, OK? (yes, I'm building the tension, mehe)
Mostly those are comedians who dress up like girls for their performances and jokes. Plus Jokwon, who is one sweet clown^^
But two on the list took the joke to extremes.
12. Ko Yeongwuk

11. Kim Hyeoncheol

10. Tony An

9. Jeong Junha

8. Kim Taewon

7. Jeong Hyeongdon

6. Shin Dongyeop

5. Jang Geunseok

4. Dongho (U-Kiss)

3. Nichkhun

2. Jo Kwon

1. Kim Heecheol